The Bossy Blogger

Thursday, April 30 |

pro400-008, orginally uploaded by duskyyouth

An excerpt from my new post The Bossy Blogger :

"… I really could go on and on with no complaints, make that only one complaint--- there are a few bossy bloggers that make a list of demands before they even think to type hello. If you have a blog of your own I’m sure you’re familiar with their comments, shouts or tweets: I just visited your blog and I hope you return the favor. Please leave a comment, click on a links, ki$$ my ads, favorite me on Technorati and Stumble a few of my post. If you have time tweet how much you liked the article and leave a comment on my shout box to let me know what you think… Does that sound familiar?..."

Read the entire article on TCB Thursday.

Pink- Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely) -w/ some **** words so be careful

By the way both pictures (pro400-008 and little miss bossy) are by duskyyouth; he was gracious enough to let me post them on LL&L. So if you like these pics as much as I do check him out on Flickr.