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Sunday, January 25 |

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My husband has been trying to sell me on the importance of blogging for some years. I did not share in his excitement until a few months ago; now my eyes are know open to the possibilities. The desire to have my own blog has been growing for about a year now but I've had no idea how or why I would start one. I finally got inspired. I The inspiration came out of the frustration that I had no where to go to fully express my self. I can go to church to talk bout God. I can go to my husband to talk bout sex. I can go to my friends to talk about my interest. I could go to my family to talk about my mistakes, but where could I go to talk about it all.

Love Lust and life is my creative outlet where I can express anything I want. I will share any experience I went through with the hope of becoming smarter, better, faster, stronger. I know the damage it can cause if you hold in your shame, desire or talent. Everyone needs a place to feel free to be themselves, their whole selves. So here goes my life and I hope this will encourage you to feel free to share you true selves too. I have had interesting life and I hope that through my words I can convey that it okay to be yourself every where you go.

I hope this sounds interesting and encouraging. I want LL&L to be an interactive journal where I can share my life and you the reader can request post topics or ask me a specific question. But please let me know what you need get off your chest or like to talk about by commenting. Even if you have some constructive criticism to share please feel free, all I ask is for you to be as honest and as respectful as possible. I am looking forward to getting to know you and I hope you feel the same.

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Friday, January 2 |

iPad Touch EmailI'm so glad that you have decided to visit my blog. LL&L is a labor of love that was established in August 2008. Though my writing needs work I felt that it was time to create a platform where I could share anything from my interests to my secrets. I felt tired of seperating myself into parts and finding the approriated place to express them. On LL&L I want to talk about my love for God and my sex life. I want study Buddhism after pray I to Jehovah. I want to be smart and stupid, serious and silly, curvy and sexy, insecure and confident and anything I feel like expressing at the time.

I know that I'm not alone. In my own self discovery I figured that so many people felt feed up with trying to fit, instead of just being themselves. I have learned that you cannot be completely confident until you get comfortable just being. I am on the journey of getting to know myself and I would love to meet others on the same path. If you already settled in to yourself I would like to get to know you too. And if you have no idea who you really are or what to do next, of course I welcome you too. In other words just come as you are.

One of the many reasons why I started blogging was to build a community of friends that could share their accomplishments, advice and adoration for one another. When there are enough vistors I plan to start a social network so that people can chat about similar interests, seek and give advice,share spiritual knowlege, and what ever else you can think of. If you are a little shy like me, get a new email address and remain anonymous. All I ask is that you remain respectful to everyone else. If you want to critique me or give me some advice that is fine too. Just please don't seek me out to be rude. Just be aware that I have decided to keep my name private for now. If you know me or figure out my name that's okay too, but I'll never tell.

My email adress: llnlblogspot@yahoo.com

MySpace URL: myspace.com/llnlblog

Youtube User ID: lovelustandlife

Twitter ID: http://twitter.com/LLnL

Blip.fm ID: http://blip.fm/LLnL

Spark People ID: llnlblog

Please be advised that I don't have a social network routine. If it takes me awhile to get back to you, please know that I appreciate your efforts to reach me. Really I do, it make me happy to conect with the new peope. The fastest way to get my attention is by leaving a comment on my LL&L blog.

Anyway let me say, thanks for reading and I hope to TTYL