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Wednesday, April 8 |

I hate those infomercial that sell the latest and greatest abs machine that will make beer belly into a six pack with no effort. They show some poor woman on the floor frustrated and in pain as she attempts complete two sit-ups without success. Then they cut to the celebrity that is currently on some reality show talking about the neck strain that their old exercise routine use to cause before they started using the gadget. They then share a glowing review about how toned their abs are now and it is all because of the abs flimflam. 


Let's be honest. We all know if you want tone abs or a six pack you're going to have to work for it. Some of the machine can be helpful: making sure you keep the proper form, or they add resistance, and enabling you to have better range of motion. Still nothing beats a good old fashioned sit up; they are many challenging variations and they are free. So get a mat or a towel, study different the exercising, keeping in mind the proper form, and be patient. If you are out of shape, your muscles are weak and the form will be a little shaky at first, but preserver and make sure you breathe. As you get stronger add reps and new exercises so that you are always challenging your muscles. If you have time watch one of the three abs workout and follow along.

15-Minute Abs Workout

Ab Blaster

The Best Exercise for "LOWER" ABS & FAT LOSS


kiss my black ads said...

It seem that you are all on your own on this one. Everyone else already has terrific abs! ;-)

Being and Quirkiness said...

I have perfect abs, and I never work out... incomprehensible! Actually, this is the year (or never) I will committ to abs, so these videos could be useful. Thank you 3Ls.

LLnL said...

@kiss my black ads- Yeah, sometimes its just me and the crickets.

@Being and Quirkiness- Thank you for being sooooo humble again ; ) I'm glad someone finds it helpful. I was starting to fell a little lonely.

LazyKing said...

Thanks a bunch for the tutorials.
And Abs-machines dont work. I've tried it for a month but it didnt work then one of my friends showed me a workout with a 5lbs ball and I started seeing results in the very next week

love said...

This is so true, a lot of the ab stuff seems really silly. For instance I think that thing where you wear the belt that vibrates around your waist while you sit and do nothing is silly (don't know the name). For me sit ups are really hard, but I still try and do them. But one thing I have been doing lately is using the bench at the gym where you lay your back on it and swing my legs up in the air. Now that, really works because its just as painful as a sit up. And I've actually lost 2 inches by doing that.