Lazy Sunday

Sunday, April 26 |

A lot of us are guilty of pushing ourselves too hard. When your body wants to rest and your mind wants to relax we can ignore them both and instead find something to do that will exhaust and sicken us. Take my mom for instance; she just went into the hospital last night because she was feeling horrible. Amongst of host of symptoms she was dehydrated and in a lot of pain. After some medication and some testing they sent her home. I called to check on her and she is in pain again the meds have worn off. However my mom is a rock star, she is laughing and making jokes and won't let me come over to take care of her. Not only that she is talking about this field trip that she has to go on this Tuesday, she's a teacher. "Mom, you just left the hospital and you think you're going to go on a walking field trip this Tues? Do me a favor and take it easy". I said noticing the irony of me telling my other what to do. The funny thing is that I think she actually listened to me.

If you believe in the power of prayer please keep my mom in her prayers I'm not worried I just want her to be well. And please learn the lesson you have to take things easy form time to time or your body will take matters into its own hands, and you won't like it. So for all the people who are chilling today this vids for you?

Lazy Sunday


Are you guilty of pushing yourself too hard or do you find yourself becoming a permanent fixture on your couch? How do you know when enough is enough?


Unknownwriter and Almost Lover said...

it always does you good to stop and smell the flowers on a regular helps to recharge the batteries

Doson said...

Hope your mom will be okay soon.
BTW i can't watch that video cos' I'm out of US :(

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi LLnL:

I sure hope your mom gets better and stronger day by day. She seems to have a really great attitude, and this is 1/2 the battle. I will keep her and you in my prayers! Tell her to take it easy though, she should not go trekking around just yet ;-)

Also, You have a really great blog site here with lots of interesting are a great writer too, and I will enjoy perusing it! Take Care and keep your sunny, happy is a Blessing to people who are struggling.

Sorry you can relate to all my job struggles, hopefully it wasn't personally. From what I hear, lots of workplaces are just the pits these days. I will pray for you to stay out of them too!
Bye, Bunni

virgo27 said...

you and your family will be in my prayers.

LazyKing said...

Being the King of the lazy kingdom, I stopped push myself too hard. I dont do that extra mile anymore.

I thiink at one point of our lives, we become the mothers of our moms, lool
My prayers to your mom and all the family.

Authoress said...

There is so much more to life than merely running from pillar to post! This Universe has so much more to offer and we have all been blessed with senses that enable us to perceive, enjoy and cherish it.

Why let life slip away too soon when you still have so much more to see and love?

Nothing Profound said...

My plan every day is to love life. Nothing else matters, and nothing else ever will. No endeavor is worth killing yourself over or driving yourself crazy.