Easter Candy

Saturday, April 11 |

I loved Easter as a kid. The first activity of the day was decorating our Easter Eggs. Then we would eat big breakfast cooked by mom, sometimes with a little help. Next came my favorite, instead of hiding Eastern Eggs, my mom would hide our Easter baskets and the all three of us would have to search the house to find them. It was not that hard because these basket were huge, filled with every kind of Easter goodie that you could imagine. Sometimes we went to church but most of the time we stayed home. I was grateful for all the candy, stuffed animals, and jewelry (great parents, right?!?) that I received on Easter. Still I think that real excitement and joy came from spending quality time with my family: laughing, talking, eating good food and sharing hugs.

So if you like candy for Easter enjoy but don't over indulge. Make sure that you surround yourself with friends and family and share your gummy bears.

 Gummi Bears

The Gummy Bear Song - Long English Version

What's your favorite Easter candy? What's your favorite Easter memory? Do you have a special gift for egg decorating?


LazyKing said...

It's pretty much the same here except my parents never hide the chocolate. They just give them to us, loool

love said...

I think as a kid I over indulged plenty of times lol. As an adult, I know my limits because that extra candy bar i shouldn't have eaten would go to my thighs haha. And OMgggg I loved loved lvoed the show gummi bears. My fiancee actually bought me the dvd last year ;) made me super happy!

LLnL said...

@LazyKing- Nothing wrong with that
: P

@love- Your fiancee sound like a good guy: ) My and hubby sang the whole Gummi Bears them song las6t week so I had to include it. Some of those cartoons are not as good as I remembered but the Gummi Bears is a classic.