Sexy Videos on Fun Friday

Friday, April 24 |

I was born and raised on MTV, maybe not by my parent's choice but who were they to stop me. I guess now it is pretty obvious that I'm a music addict and I'm proud of it. My friends you use to call me human radio which I took as a compliment, though it was not meant as one. I had a habit of singing lines from a song that was relevant to everything that was said. If two friends were talking for 5minuts I could fit in 20 or more different songs. For me it was a fun game, but for them it was a reason to threaten to hit me if I did not "shut up". I guess it did not help that I can't sing but that's not my fault. I think that's why I love dancing so much, it was the only way I could express the connection I had to music.

As a little girl I would dance as my mother played the piano. If she played classical I become a ballerina. If she played gospel I'd switch to modern movements, but my favorite was jazz. I have no idea how I learned how to dance since I had never taken classes, but I guess that All That Jazz, A Chorus Line and West-Side Story become my dance instructors. When mom stopped playing the piano I graduated and was accepted into MTV dance school, learning all the latest moves by watching my favorite musicians and their dancers strut their stuff.

I went from a plié to Push It too quickly. When I have kids of my own I want to limit their TV time so that they can avoid certain lures that hooked me early on. Still I have to say I don't regret a thing. I believe that being exposed to sexy videos early on gave me a mature outlook about sex. I avoided so many common phases that seem to plague other girls: boys were gross, becoming obsessed with what is wrong with their body, or feeling too shy to talk about sex. I always thought that sex was interesting and I loved learning and talking about it. So it was inevitable that sexy videos would catch my attention. Let's see if they can catch yours.


What do you think about kids being exposed to sexy images on TV or other forms of media? What is your favorite sexy music video?


LazyKing said...

I could watch mtv and bet all day long, 7 days a week but now they only air reality shows :(
Anywho, sexy videos are great. Like I used to say, when I watch tv I would like to see something different, something that will not remind me my everyday life where no one is sexy, loool.
I'll let my kids watch mtv, i have no problems with that.

virgo27 said...

i used to be a video junkie, but the music now is horrible! there is a channel that i love though, vh1soul. sexy videos can be enjoyable if done right. the videos today, that kids watch, are too over the top with nudity and lack of imagination. my idea of sexy videos are below; 2 of maxwell's videos. i may be a little bias because i love that man!! both of these videos make you think about deeper about the lyrics and what they mean, and the thought behind the video concept and the lyrics. unlike the common videos of today, where naked girls grace the camera frame and the lyrics are just re-worded lines saying the same thing about sex, $$, and cars. anyway, check out the links,,

LLnL said...

@LazyKing- I prefer to remember MTV as it use to be. Though I will admit to you that I watch the Hills when I can. I know so sad.

@virgo27- Ah Maxwell. Thank you I forget about him. Love the videos, especially the first one.