The Game & The Girl

Tuesday, April 28 |

Okay so I no longer consider myself a true sports fan, but I still live the game. For me the game is football, but it was an acquired taste. As a little girl football meant that for a few hours my dad would not be able to hear a word I said. He's eyes would be fixed to the TV screen. When my parents separated I found myself drawn to sports a little more, I'd guess it was to fell closer to dad. Still it was hard trying to watch football all alone, I did not know what was happening. I cheered when everyone else cheered, did not understand the plays or the calls so it was pointless to try. Besides my mom would tell me to turn it off if she was home, she could not stand football.

It was not until college that I fell in love with the game. When I was at school I tried to go to every activity I could just to see for myself what I like. Football provided music, friends and food so why not give it a try; the football players weren't bad to look at either. Lucky for me my college had a decent squad and my appreciation for the game was instant. I was one of the most thrilling experiences of my life. From then on I made a point o go to all the home games and watch the NFL games on TV. I got a good understanding of the basic and came home with a new appreciation for the game. I guess that was a turn on to one of my platonic friend. He's now my husband and he wrote a great poem called An Ode to the Football Girlfriend. If you already read it please check it out again to see the discussion question added.

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Are you a sports fan? What's your favorite sport to watch and/or to play? What's your favorite sport's memory?


LazyKing said...

Of course and my fav sport is definitely basketball.
My fav sport memory is when I was 13, I was in a basketball club. We had an important game. Our trainer didn't want me to play, grrr. But I was really happy at the end because we lost by nearly 50 points. In your face stupid trainer.
And also at high school, when we won our semi-final. The was the most unbelieveable game ever in the history of our school, lool. It was even more entertaining than the final.