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Monday, April 6 |

I think that I need to meditate everday but I forget about it. The to do list gets longer and the time to just be gets shorter. I forget that I am more productive after meditation so I believe that I just have a hard timne taking time for myself. 

Can you relate? Do you ever feel lazy if you are not busy? Do you fear that not using your brian for even a few minutes my hinder you intelligence or you memory some how? I have these thoughts when I do not meditate often,, but when I can let go and make a commit to meditate everything seems to fall into place. Meditation, is different from laws of attraction in that you don't get evrything you hope for. When I mediatate I am not as concerend with what happens in life. I know that whatever comes my way I will be able to deal with it. What ever I have I will be grateful for. Whatever I am I will accept with joy. Meditation makes the world and all of my scircumstances an educational oppurtunity. It slow me down from feeling the need to judge things as bad or good but instead just observe with fear, worry, or anger.

Why do I forget to meditate? My educated guess is that I still think that my ego is what makes me special and strong. My life has included stress and attachments so long maybe I worry what will happen to me if I walk around peaceful all the time. My thoughts tell me that it is good to worry because it motivates you to get things done. I know that is not true, worry depresses me eventually and makes it hard to problem solve. So let me take some time to be still and lets see what happens>

How to meditate

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Do you mediate? Why or why not? If you do meditate what's changes since you've started?


LazyKing said...

I would love to meditate. Maybe I needed to watch these videos before starting, lool.
I think I'm too discracted!! BUt I agree meditation is a really good think and can bring self peace and calme