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Thursday, April 30 |

pro400-008, orginally uploaded by duskyyouth

An excerpt from my new post The Bossy Blogger :

"… I really could go on and on with no complaints, make that only one complaint--- there are a few bossy bloggers that make a list of demands before they even think to type hello. If you have a blog of your own I’m sure you’re familiar with their comments, shouts or tweets: I just visited your blog and I hope you return the favor. Please leave a comment, click on a links, ki$$ my ads, favorite me on Technorati and Stumble a few of my post. If you have time tweet how much you liked the article and leave a comment on my shout box to let me know what you think… Does that sound familiar?..."

Read the entire article on TCB Thursday.

Pink- Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely) -w/ some **** words so be careful

By the way both pictures (pro400-008 and little miss bossy) are by duskyyouth; he was gracious enough to let me post them on LL&L. So if you like these pics as much as I do check him out on Flickr.

Don't Give Up on Your Workout- Try Again

Wednesday, April 29 |

Is working out not working out for you? Losing weight is a tough task for most people. The more you have to lose the harder it is to achieve. There are many reasons why losing weight can seem like an elusive goal. Let be honest, when we don’t see results we won’t to throw in the towel. For me weigh loss in my mid twenties was easy for me. I could have lost 5 pounds per a week just by working out 1 to 2 hours a day. Now that I have so much to lose everything seems hard and the weight comes off slow. The weeks that I step on the scale without change can sometimes lead to discouragement. I’ve learned that when you get discouraged or want to quit something you know is good for you it is because you don’t know how to fix your problem so it is time to ask for advice.

Virgo27 of Homebody Blogger is back again with a new post on Wellness Wednesday. Virgo27 is a personal trainer and has helped her clients through a number of weight loss struggles: reaching a weight loss plateau, lack of motivation, lack of interest in working out and the desire give up all together. The post titled Why Isn’t My Weight Loss Routine Working is a list of common reasons why workouts stop working. So whether you are in shape but need to take to the next level, or you are working out without much success read the article and it will help you figure what could be wrong.

Aaliyah feat. Timbaland - Try Again

Have you ever giving up on a diet or new workout routine? If so what thoughts prevented you from pushing through? What are your tips to staying motivated when you feel like skipping a workout?

Football and Ballet Workout


I can’t remember the first that I heard about football players being sent to ballet class but the image stays with me: big and stiff manly men attempting graceful movement and while looking a little insecure and out of sorts. When I was young I had a competitive spirit and fast legs. I was 50% tomboy and 50% girly girl and I loved it; that was until I’d get excluded from playing sports with my friends cause I was a girl. It did not matter that I could out race most of them, or was very strong and that made me mad. I hated that boys need to take on certain mannerism to be a true man. So when a jock can exchange his cups for tights he gets my respect.

Here are some benefits from paring of football and ballet:

• improves kinesthetic awareness and increases the range of motion in your hips
• adds fluidity to movements which helps w/evading
• ballet movement require strong ankles and knees which helps to prevent injury
• practicing plies help add lift to your jumps

Make no mistake dance is a sport in its own right and ballet is one of the toughest. It is hard on your body but it builds muscles, techniques and grace that you won’t learn from any other practice. The first video includes clips of different exercises so when you have time get outside and try them out. The second video is a workout that you can follow from start to finish.

I have to be honest, I'm a little intimidated by the football workout but I plan to try it out later this week. Which workout do you think you will enjoy more, football or ballet?

The Game & The Girl

Tuesday, April 28 |

Okay so I no longer consider myself a true sports fan, but I still live the game. For me the game is football, but it was an acquired taste. As a little girl football meant that for a few hours my dad would not be able to hear a word I said. He's eyes would be fixed to the TV screen. When my parents separated I found myself drawn to sports a little more, I'd guess it was to fell closer to dad. Still it was hard trying to watch football all alone, I did not know what was happening. I cheered when everyone else cheered, did not understand the plays or the calls so it was pointless to try. Besides my mom would tell me to turn it off if she was home, she could not stand football.

It was not until college that I fell in love with the game. When I was at school I tried to go to every activity I could just to see for myself what I like. Football provided music, friends and food so why not give it a try; the football players weren't bad to look at either. Lucky for me my college had a decent squad and my appreciation for the game was instant. I was one of the most thrilling experiences of my life. From then on I made a point o go to all the home games and watch the NFL games on TV. I got a good understanding of the basic and came home with a new appreciation for the game. I guess that was a turn on to one of my platonic friend. He's now my husband and he wrote a great poem called An Ode to the Football Girlfriend. If you already read it please check it out again to see the discussion question added.

American Football NFL big hits runs

Are you a sports fan? What's your favorite sport to watch and/or to play? What's your favorite sport's memory?

Shame On Me Meditation

Monday, April 27 |

I am feeling slightly annoyed with myself today. I'm having major computer problems agian and I don't know why. I wonder if it is because I tried to download some music, or maybe it because I trust everyone's links on Twitter. I don't know what happened but I do feel like whatever th e reason was its my fault and I don't know what to do. Last time this happened hubby added more software security on the computer but I don't know how to handle it myself and I'm a little bummed. I am finally getting to a place where I understand the need to become organized, self reliant and efficient; this just feel like a set back that should have been avoided.

I feel scared that the post that I promised to publish will be lost and I will not keep my word. Scared that we will have to spend money to fix the computer. Scared that I will lose important files and post that I have been working hard on. The funny thing is that today's topic on Mental Monday was going to be about ego and attachment. It was a response to a post on  Pursuit of Something Real, a wonderful blog that helps you re-examine your life in a none judgemental way. I've written a response to the post called Save Me, but because of my computer problems I will postpone the post. Instead please read Save Me,written by Lazy King of Bored...Get Unbored and take the time to respond for yourself. If all goes well I will publish my response next week.

Do you ever get down on yourself fro making mistakes or not knowing how to fix a problem? What do you do to get yourself out of self esteem funk? Did you like this meditation video?

Lazy Sunday

Sunday, April 26 |

A lot of us are guilty of pushing ourselves too hard. When your body wants to rest and your mind wants to relax we can ignore them both and instead find something to do that will exhaust and sicken us. Take my mom for instance; she just went into the hospital last night because she was feeling horrible. Amongst of host of symptoms she was dehydrated and in a lot of pain. After some medication and some testing they sent her home. I called to check on her and she is in pain again the meds have worn off. However my mom is a rock star, she is laughing and making jokes and won't let me come over to take care of her. Not only that she is talking about this field trip that she has to go on this Tuesday, she's a teacher. "Mom, you just left the hospital and you think you're going to go on a walking field trip this Tues? Do me a favor and take it easy". I said noticing the irony of me telling my other what to do. The funny thing is that I think she actually listened to me.

If you believe in the power of prayer please keep my mom in her prayers I'm not worried I just want her to be well. And please learn the lesson you have to take things easy form time to time or your body will take matters into its own hands, and you won't like it. So for all the people who are chilling today this vids for you?

Lazy Sunday


Are you guilty of pushing yourself too hard or do you find yourself becoming a permanent fixture on your couch? How do you know when enough is enough?

Football Cartoons

Saturday, April 25 |

Happy Draft day everyone! To be honest I'm not sure that I would even know about the draft if it wasn't for my husband, the ultimate sports fanatic/enthusiast. I used to watch football with hubby when we were just friends and loved every minute of it, but then we got married and times have changed. I can't sit more than five minutes through a game. I blame hubby. He will listen to sports radio, participate in an online sports forum, while watching a game and talking on the phone about the awesome catch/shot/pass/block…whatever. However hubby sees it different, he thinks I pulled the old bait and switch; pretending to be The Football Girlfriend until he married me than wham, now I ask him to turn the radio down and remind him not to yell so loud as I watch soap operas in a another room.

So today, to show hubby I love him. I will watch the draft today. It really is interesting, though I've only committed 2 hours he's very happy. He is looking forward to teaching me all the in and outs of the strategy, politics and stupid moves that apparently the Detroit Lions Have already made by draft an okay quarterback, wasting their first pick. So for all the football fans out there this post is for you.


Are you a sport fan, a lover of football? How important is it to have a partner that either has the same interest as you or is willing to participate in activities you love?


You Can Leave Your Hat On

Friday, April 24 |

I received my first music request from liselman, author of A Few Clowns Short, and I couldn't be more excited, so to speak. The video request was for the song You Can Leave Your Hat On and well… let's just say it's a little on the sexy side.

I think that I have a strange fascination with the art of stripping. Stripping put together 3 favorite fun activities: listening to good music, dancing and being sexy. Let me say that I could not imagine going up on stage and disrobing in front of a bunch of horny strangers that find it customary to stuff fist full of dollar bills in g-strings. I will admit that I have "stripped" for just the fun of it.

To read more about my adventure with stripping check my post Platonic Stripping on Freaky Friday.

Without further ado LL&L is proud to present our first video request Leave Your Hat by Joe Cocker. Please enjoy!



Come on you know you want to share. What do you think about stripping? Have you ever participated in any way? On a scale of 1-10 how enjoyable was the experience?

I was born and raised on MTV, maybe not by my parent's choice but who were they to stop me. I guess now it is pretty obvious that I'm a music addict and I'm proud of it. My friends you use to call me human radio which I took as a compliment, though it was not meant as one. I had a habit of singing lines from a song that was relevant to everything that was said. If two friends were talking for 5minuts I could fit in 20 or more different songs. For me it was a fun game, but for them it was a reason to threaten to hit me if I did not "shut up". I guess it did not help that I can't sing but that's not my fault. I think that's why I love dancing so much, it was the only way I could express the connection I had to music.

As a little girl I would dance as my mother played the piano. If she played classical I become a ballerina. If she played gospel I'd switch to modern movements, but my favorite was jazz. I have no idea how I learned how to dance since I had never taken classes, but I guess that All That Jazz, A Chorus Line and West-Side Story become my dance instructors. When mom stopped playing the piano I graduated and was accepted into MTV dance school, learning all the latest moves by watching my favorite musicians and their dancers strut their stuff.

I went from a plié to Push It too quickly. When I have kids of my own I want to limit their TV time so that they can avoid certain lures that hooked me early on. Still I have to say I don't regret a thing. I believe that being exposed to sexy videos early on gave me a mature outlook about sex. I avoided so many common phases that seem to plague other girls: boys were gross, becoming obsessed with what is wrong with their body, or feeling too shy to talk about sex. I always thought that sex was interesting and I loved learning and talking about it. So it was inevitable that sexy videos would catch my attention. Let's see if they can catch yours.


What do you think about kids being exposed to sexy images on TV or other forms of media? What is your favorite sexy music video?

Funky Font

Thursday, April 23 |

What am I doing wrong? I can't figure out how to fix my font. For some reason whether I copy and paste from word, write in post directly on Blogger or publish directly from word and make a few edits in blogger I end up with funky fonts and different sized text... Read the entire post on TCB Thursday.

Please help me out of this funk.

Spring Break Meltdown


Oh how I've missed blogging. I did not intend to leave to neglect LL&L but I had to take an unexpected vacation. First of all hubby and Cinna keep their computers downstairs while mine is upstairs in our bedroom. Cinna was out for Spring Break which made her a permanent fixture on the phone and on her computer. Hubby could not work downstairs because of that and so he kidnapped my computer. I cannot work with the distraction either so even though I was a bit under the weather I decided now was a good time to spring clean/rearrange furniture. We changed the position of the furniture in the living room, kitchen and moved Cinna computer upstairs to her bedroom. Later that day I rearranged our bedroom furniture by myself and got in trouble for not asking for help. My family still does not know that I am Wonder Woman.

Apparently my body did not recognize that I was WW either because the next day I felt awful. I exacerbated my sickness and now all my muscles were sore. So instead of pushing through I just spent time with Cinna, relaxed the best I could and let hubby use my computer (it's better than his). I'd planned to get back to work on Monday when Cinna returned to school but I failed miserably. Both my mom & grandmother had a b-day, we had a couple of small family crisis, and my feverish body was very fatigued so it was hard to get back into the swing of things.

Well I'm back, still not 100 % but good enough. So please bear with me as clear the cobwebs from my mind and work on making sure that LL&L lives up to the LL&L Creed. So please lavish me with compliments and tell me how much you missed me; this is only time deception is acceptable on LL&L. But if you can't bring yourself to lie just tell me some fun spring break memories or share your best cleaning tips.

Morning Yoga Routine

Wednesday, April 15 |

Yoga is a beneficial addition to any workout plan. It can help stretch out fatigued muscle, add flexibility to help prevent injury and help with stress reduction. While practicing yoga I've personally experienced a better connection with my body which gave me a boost of confidence. LL&L is focused on Yoga for this Workout Wednesday because I'm feeling a little under the weather. I understand that you have to commit yourself, without excuse, to living well and to a good workout plan. Yoga is something you can do when you need to slow down and give your body a little breather.


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 Have you practiced yoga before? Please explain how yoga has helped you or why yoga is not for you?


Tuesday, April 14 |

"I have a bit of a dark side. I have always love highly dramatic and emotional entertainment, especially music. I created a Crazy Playlist of songs and videos that beautifully illustrate struggels with sanity.  This was the my first attempt at creating a playlist on Daily Motion ... "

MatchboxTwenty - Unwell Music Uploaded by Matchbox20Girl

To see the entire post visit Talent Tuesday.

What is your favorite crazy song? What's your favorite crazy video?

Guided Meditation - Stress Relief

Monday, April 13 |

Sometimes get the best of me and I don't know waht to do. If I can't find a way to release it I might become overly anxious, become impatient, or start feeling depressed. Today is a new day and if I can't benefit from my stress I will meditate until I can feel that I am connected to awarness. Today I will participate in a guided meditation by Michael Mackenzie for stress relief.

Please comment if you particpate in today Monday Meditation. Let me if helped you or if it you found it boring.

Guided Meditation - Stress Relief

God’s Love is the Reason for Easter Season

Sunday, April 12 |

"...If you celebrate Easter don't forget to take some time to reflect on the meaning..." Read more on Spiritual Sunday.

Easter is a christain holiday to remind of us that God loves us.

Happy Easter Everyone!

Eggs, Ice and Tears

Saturday, April 11 |

"I can remember sitting on a brown chicken egg. I know that sounds a little too strange but I was four years old. My teacher in preschool had an incubator with chicken eggs so that we could what them hatch. That was one of that was the coolest thing I'd ever seen. I've always been an animal lover; so to be able to take the place of a hen and birth a baby chicken would be a the best...."

Read the whole post on Saturday Love.

Easter Candy


I loved Easter as a kid. The first activity of the day was decorating our Easter Eggs. Then we would eat big breakfast cooked by mom, sometimes with a little help. Next came my favorite, instead of hiding Eastern Eggs, my mom would hide our Easter baskets and the all three of us would have to search the house to find them. It was not that hard because these basket were huge, filled with every kind of Easter goodie that you could imagine. Sometimes we went to church but most of the time we stayed home. I was grateful for all the candy, stuffed animals, and jewelry (great parents, right?!?) that I received on Easter. Still I think that real excitement and joy came from spending quality time with my family: laughing, talking, eating good food and sharing hugs.

So if you like candy for Easter enjoy but don't over indulge. Make sure that you surround yourself with friends and family and share your gummy bears.

 Gummi Bears

The Gummy Bear Song - Long English Version

What's your favorite Easter candy? What's your favorite Easter memory? Do you have a special gift for egg decorating?

I See Dead People

Friday, April 10 |

"...I have in fact see ghosts, more than a few, and more than just looked at. I feel a little more confident now with TV shows like Ghost Hunter, and my favorite Paranormal State. Yes I realize reality TV is not always what it seems. Still I'm happy to people who claim they can relate to my experiences. I use to be scared that people would assume that I'm crazy, but I have learned that you have to trust yourself and not worry what others will think of you. I can't say without a doubt that ghost exist, but... it is hard for me to dismiss the possibility. For instance when I was a kid I can remember..."

To read the entire post click on Freaky Friday.

Mean Kitty Proof


Simply ♥, originally uploaded by Urs Wachter™.

I like to say I secreted my mean kitty into my life. It took about 3 years to convince hubby that having a cat would be good for the family? He used tell me how selfish it was to imprison of animals against their wills. He could only justify owning pets if you lived on acres of land so they could roam free. I tried to approach the pet discussion from every angle possible; I thought it was important that everyone in the family to love our pet so I was willing to wait. I was so excited when I finally heard my husband say that he was open to getting a cat. A few days later I watched The Secret DVD. I wanted to prove to myself that the law of attraction does work by secreting a kitten.

I didn’t know how exactly I would attract a cat into my life. The DVD explained that I would not have to work to obtain my focused desire. Instead the universe would hear my order and would gift opportunities that would bring my focused desire into my life. Low and behold two weeks later a friend of the family called and said that they’d took in an alley kitten that a landlord was trying to get rid of. They’d considered keeping the kitten themselves, but their three dogs were not keen on the creature. After being assured that the cat was a sweet girl who’d make a lovely addition to our family I shared the news with hubby. I was ecstatic, hubby not so much.

I toke Cinna, our sister, to see the kitten to decide if it was a keeper. The plan was to play with the cat to see if she would make a good fit for the family. If we all agreed we would pick her up later that week after we bought all the provisions. Instead I held the tiny orange tabby in my arms and fell in love. Her meows melted my heart as she climb on my shoulder. Our friend suggested that we take kitty home with us and she gave us all the food and supplies they’d bought for her. Cinna was so excited that she insisted that we give kitty a name right away. After many possible contenders we agreed on Tinkerbelle before we made it home. We surprised hubby with our new family member and like I hoped, we all love Tink. Truth is told, hubby is the most protective of Tink.

Tink has been a great addition to the family, but no one would say it’s because of a sweet disposition. Tink, now 2 years old, is not a cuddling cat. Tink has been a hunter of hands and feet, a master at shedding, a sweetie to strangers (rubbing against our guest nice hair free clothes), and gets into to anything that isn’t nailed shut. I could help but laugh and the Mean Kitty song. Even though I feel a slight jealousy for people who have pets that let them pet them, I wouldn’t trade Tink for any other kitty in the world. I love my Mean Kitty.

Are you a pet lover? Share any enduring qualities that make your pets unique?

My Money Secret

Thursday, April 9 |

"The law of attraction is the belief that whatever you think about in life you will attract. If you want to be rich and successful, think about what you want in detail, imagine what it will look like when you have it and believe that it is already yours. That is what I learned watching the video called The Secret . I was introduced to The Secret through the Oprah Show and felt really hopeful, that it could be the key to my success..."

Read the entire post on TCB Thursday.

11 useful tips for how to use The Secret !

The Secret Riches Visualization Tool

Do you believe in the law of attraction? Have you successful use the law of attraction to attract money or success into your life?

Pump It Up

Wednesday, April 8 |

Spring is here and you know what that means. Yes you have to make a spring cleaning to do list but it also means you should step up your workout regime. Now that working out is hard work, I need help to stay disciplined. It is so easy to make excuses and justify a missed workout, but too many excuses can lead to discouragement later. Like everything in life is pays to have a plan. 

The author of the Homebody Blogger lends her expertise with a helpful article titled Spring is Here: Tips for Sticking To Your Workout. Here’s an excerpt:

"Ok everyone, spring is here and now it's time to get back into your exercise routine. I know, it's sunny and the breezy days have you longing to chill out on the patio of your favorite restaurant, while sipping something nice and cold, but you gotta get that workout in first. Here is a list of suggestions to help you stick to your routine..."

Pump Up the Jam


To read the entire article, please visit Wellness Wednesday. If you have any questions or want some advice please leave a comment and either virgo27 or I will address your concerns in a future post.

Toned Abs Coming Up


I hate those infomercial that sell the latest and greatest abs machine that will make beer belly into a six pack with no effort. They show some poor woman on the floor frustrated and in pain as she attempts complete two sit-ups without success. Then they cut to the celebrity that is currently on some reality show talking about the neck strain that their old exercise routine use to cause before they started using the gadget. They then share a glowing review about how toned their abs are now and it is all because of the abs flimflam. 


Let's be honest. We all know if you want tone abs or a six pack you're going to have to work for it. Some of the machine can be helpful: making sure you keep the proper form, or they add resistance, and enabling you to have better range of motion. Still nothing beats a good old fashioned sit up; they are many challenging variations and they are free. So get a mat or a towel, study different the exercising, keeping in mind the proper form, and be patient. If you are out of shape, your muscles are weak and the form will be a little shaky at first, but preserver and make sure you breathe. As you get stronger add reps and new exercises so that you are always challenging your muscles. If you have time watch one of the three abs workout and follow along.

15-Minute Abs Workout

Ab Blaster

The Best Exercise for "LOWER" ABS & FAT LOSS

Awakening of the Poetic Soul

Tuesday, April 7 |

I started writing poetry in 7th grade and fell in love with it instantly. As a kid I love books so I was excited when my teacher gave out poetry assignments and I learned that I had some talent. Back then when I wrote poetry it was effortless; it was almost like being possessed by a voice that had to express itself through my writing. A lot of times after I finished writing I would read the poem out loud as if I was reading it for the first time.

I miss those days. A poem would hit me, words would pour out and I'd have to get something to write quickly on before I lost it. I did not edit my words; they came out powerful with the proper rhyme and rhythm. I was not shy to share my poems but I was not quick to share them either. I'd only share them with people who wanted to hear them. People that I thought would identify with the intention behind words. My mother is a writer to so she appreciated my poems, but she would limit me; I could only read her 2 poem at a time because a lot of my poems were dark and depressing. The best compliment she ever gave me was when she did not believe that I wrote a poem myself.

Then I went to college and I was determined to do my best. My motto became "If you have time to read you have time to study." I did not allow myself the pleasure of reading for fun. I did not realize that I was removing inspiration and creative development from my life with that rule. Soon my life became too busy to write. So when I tried to pick up the pen again the words always disappointed me and I thought I'd lost my skill. About 2 years ago I promised myself to let go of the judgment and let myself learn how to write again. I started with poems. Instead of getting my family a 5 dollar card I starting writing poems for them and giving that as gifts. Now I have to work and writing, but I found that as long as my heart connects to the subject the words come.


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Sing With Queen


I'm really just a kid at heart. I love to play and have fun; I even like pretend. One thing I love to pretend is that I am a great singer. Within the safety of my home I can belt out tunes with conviction. However my husband is a karaoke lover and would love to take me out to bar and perform all night long. It amazes me how confident he is on stage singing and dancing his heart because he can't sing. He's tone deaf and so am I. Correction, I can hear the tones I just don't know how to make my voice match what I hear. So karaoke is not fun for me to participate in, but I like to watch other people perform, especially people who can sing.

In my house, or my car, I am a singing diva. It takes me being all alone to take a break from judging my singing and just letting go to have fun. One of the songs that I feel most comfortable belting out is Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. Ever since Wayne's World I have loved that song and loved to perform it. I think it's because the song is so dramatic and emotional. It's powerful yet vulnerable. Usually I like seeing songs that don't challenge my range. Bohemian Rhapsody is technically a very difficult song but I'm okay with singing horribly as that song is blasted. If you like Queen just take a moment and sing your heart out.

 Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody Karaoke (Real Queen Music)

Do you like to sing? Are you a talented singer or do you just play around? What is your favorite song to sing?

Meditation Hesitation

Monday, April 6 |

I think that I need to meditate everday but I forget about it. The to do list gets longer and the time to just be gets shorter. I forget that I am more productive after meditation so I believe that I just have a hard timne taking time for myself. 

Can you relate? Do you ever feel lazy if you are not busy? Do you fear that not using your brian for even a few minutes my hinder you intelligence or you memory some how? I have these thoughts when I do not meditate often,, but when I can let go and make a commit to meditate everything seems to fall into place. Meditation, is different from laws of attraction in that you don't get evrything you hope for. When I mediatate I am not as concerend with what happens in life. I know that whatever comes my way I will be able to deal with it. What ever I have I will be grateful for. Whatever I am I will accept with joy. Meditation makes the world and all of my scircumstances an educational oppurtunity. It slow me down from feeling the need to judge things as bad or good but instead just observe with fear, worry, or anger.

Why do I forget to meditate? My educated guess is that I still think that my ego is what makes me special and strong. My life has included stress and attachments so long maybe I worry what will happen to me if I walk around peaceful all the time. My thoughts tell me that it is good to worry because it motivates you to get things done. I know that is not true, worry depresses me eventually and makes it hard to problem solve. So let me take some time to be still and lets see what happens>

How to meditate

2 of 5. How to Meditate, Yoga, Meditation

Do you mediate? Why or why not? If you do meditate what's changes since you've started?

Secular Sunday- Love

Sunday, April 5 |

I love music and the way it articulates the depths of a soul's being. If my life could a be a musical I'd be so happy. When I listen to music it takes to a place of connection, of stablity, of healing, and of expression. Often when I hear songs on the radio I think of God, and my relationship with him. To me it does matter what the artist's  intention of the song is, it matter what the song pulls out of me.

I use to resent it when people would freely go to a club Saturday night and dance to all kinds of music but when Sunday morning rolled around it was off with the radio. Sunday was holly and no secular music was allowed. I like gospel music but I do not buy that it was okay to listen to a song 6 day out the week, but on the 7th day that same song  some how becomes sinful. I ridden in the car with friends before that would listen to the secular music on Sunday but when we were close to the church they would change to a gospel station so that the nice church people would not be offended. I think that it is rude to blare obscene lyrics around people that would be offended but not all secular music is obscene. In fact so much of it is spiritual.

I was so happy to find a church that allowed me to perform my choreography to any song I wanted to. Now I tell you that some songs that I think are spiritual are questionable to certain people but then there are song like Love by Musiq Soulchild that were written for God. I performed a solo routine at church and the members loved it. The original title of the song was Lord but at the urging of the studio Musiq change the title and lyrics to Love. Either way the song is beautiful and expresses the depth and complexity of any relationship, including the relationship with God.


My relationship with God has taken all kinds of twist and turns through my life but one things that never seems to change is His love for me. I know that some people believe that my beliefs are just a crutch but I'm okay with that. In my heart there is no doubt that there is a God and I'm so grateful for what he's done for me in my life. Sometimes I've felt guilty and doubted His love but he's always there telling me that he loves me just the way that I am, he's forgiven me for the mistakes that I've made and he knows that I, and is willing to help me,can achieve great success and a have a powerful/positive impact on this world.

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Twouble with Twitters

Saturday, April 4 |

I started blogging about 8 months ago and tried to dive head first into social networking. I started with MySpace but soon I found Twitter. Surpisingly I found MySpace to be a lot of fun, but I did not get Twitter and quickly gave up. Twitter to me seemed updating your MySpace status every couple of minutes, in 8 months of MySpace I've updated my status 3 times. Still I'm serious about blogging and so many people use Twitter so the begining of this I year I thought I would give it another try, and I love it.

I see how easy it is to get twitterpated. Its a means of connecting to hundreds, if not thousands of people. With Twitter you can quickly find out people interest, check out webites and send the creator a direct message, and you can find out all the neat places to go on the internet. Still moderation is key, I still don't feel the need to share that I about to feed my cat and I'm not sure why anyone would.

Twouble with Twitters

If you are looking for more Twitter, Stumbleupon, or Delicious friends please add me via my communites widget on the right. Feel free to add your URL in a comment and always Twitter responsibilty. 

Fun Friday-SNL

Friday, April 3 |

Leave it to SNL to make underage drinking funny. Saturday Night light goes in cycles from hilarious to watching paint dry. According to hubby, I'm asleep by 11pm most nights, it is on an upswing.

Spring Break

Under 21

So I want to ask you, when did you start drinking? Did you take your first drink legally? Were you in control or did you do things you regret? What do you think should be the worldwide drinking age?

10 Steps for Promoting Your Blog

Thursday, April 2 |

If you are a serious blogger, promoting your blog comes second to publishing great content. Since I've decided to blog fulltime I've discovered that I have a lot to learn. So right now I'm reading a book titled How to Make Money with Your Blog: The Ultimate Reference Guide for Building, Optimizing, and Monetizing Your Blog (How to Make . . .). Its a meaty but easy read; this is book full of practical advice that would help any novice or blogging professional. These ten steps your will get your blog more exposure in no time.

Read the entire post on TCB Thursday.

TCB Thursday


TCB stands for Taking Care of Business. TCB Thursday post topics will include my personal work experience, blog tips, education and goals achievement. To help with motivation on Thursday morning LL&L will post and inspirational videos. To work wholeheartedly you should first take care of your heart; it takes inspiration to get yourself going with momentum. If you are use to pushing yourself hard it can feel a little cheesy to try to encourage yourself, so let LL&L do that for you. Think of me as your cheerleader. I may not know you personally but I do know that you can do anything that you commit to.

Day 1 The Psychology of Success

What inspires you to work hard?

No Rest For the Weary

Wednesday, April 1 |

"...The moral of the story is it's not okay to sleep 5 or less a day? I know that there are a lot of important things that must be done, but one of the first things on your list should be to attend to your needs. So many people struggle with sleep disorders and just accept it instead of making a commitment to make changes in their life to fix it. Not everything works for everybody, but you must try and try again until you find what works for you. Getting enough sleep everyday will not only improve your health but it might also save someone's life."

Read the entire post on Wellness Wednesday.

The Wallace Collection - Daydream

On average how many hours do you sleep a day?

Workout Wednesday


I am a workout queen at heart. However I've neglected myself for too many years, but no more. I'm back on the wagon and it shows; I have lost 50 lbs since June (hold the applause). I still have a way to go. Weighing in at 183lb I still have 50lbs to go. Can anybody relate? Maybe you don't need to lose weight but you need tone up, increase your endurance and strength, or just maintain your fabulous physique.

Starting next week LL&L will have Trainer's Corner once a month. The fabulous blogger/writer from Homebody Blogger is also a personal trainer/nutritionist and has agreed to share her expertise with the world. So if you have a specific question about how to strengthen your lower back or a general question like how to improve your diet you can get the answers here. Just post your questions in a comment and virgo27 can address them in a future post.

In honor of Wellness Wednesday LL&L will post a YouTube workout video on Wednesdays so that you can workout with me. If you feel a little silly, its okay, no one can see you (if you don't let them)? If you have a complete workout plan already, you can still add 5-15 minutes in a day. If you are not interested in working out just watch the video and laugh at the people, that's fine just don't let me workout alone.

SparkPeople New YOU Bootcamp: Day 1 Cardio Workout

If you have workout or diet questions forget to leave a comment. And thank you for working out with/humoring me.