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Thursday, April 9 |

"The law of attraction is the belief that whatever you think about in life you will attract. If you want to be rich and successful, think about what you want in detail, imagine what it will look like when you have it and believe that it is already yours. That is what I learned watching the video called The Secret . I was introduced to The Secret through the Oprah Show and felt really hopeful, that it could be the key to my success..."

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Do you believe in the law of attraction? Have you successful use the law of attraction to attract money or success into your life?


Sheeba Riyas said...

I have read the Secret and am well aware of the law of attraction.

Having been in the corporate world as a motivational speaker and writer, I discovered that people needed more than motivation to move on.

Fortunately my desire to look for more hard facts to support my career landed me in all the right places. Having spent years studying the Chais Theory and Quantum Physics, I gathered theories that takes motivational talk to another level!

There is scientific proof that the law of attraction does indeed exist and is as practical a methodology as any other scientific theory.

Personally, I have been able to attract all that I want into my life and continue to do so, every moment.

Thank you for this lovely post. It has been a great pleasure reading it.