Celebrate Your Talents

Tuesday, March 31 |

"...Your talents are what make you special and can make you feel rejuvenated. Sometimes I think that talents are underrated, some people are so consumed with what needs to change in their life that they forget to celebrate and improve the things that they are excel. So take some time to figure out your talents, everything you can think of and write them down..."

Read the entire post on Talent Tuesday.

Jem - It's Amazing - Official Video

Can You Draw?


I have always admired people who are skilled sketch artist and painters. I have never taken an art class that I can remember, so that is a talent that I have not made attempt. Except in 5th grade, I use sit in class and draw houses and considered becoming architect. The world of blogging has awaken my desire to learn how to draw; so many bloggers draw, paint and take photography that I can't helped to be inspired on a daily basis. Since I don't plan on taking art class any time soon I thought I would just poke around on YouTube to see what I can find. So many beginners tutorials are focused on circles…………….. BORING!

Instead I'll start with anime. If you have the time why don't you give it a go?

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For all the artist out there I would love some beginner tips. How can I teach myself how to draw?

Introduction To Mindfulness

Monday, March 30 |

This is just a snippet from a post on Mental Monday.

"I stopped going to church about 2 years ago...I  understand that it is imporant to meditate and add awarness to your daily life.  Since I don't have a spiritual guru handy I look for ways to learn the basics.  One day I visted a blog called Country Contemplative and I came upon this presentation byJohn Kabat-Zinn. Just to warn you the video is 1 hour and 12 minute long presentation. If you are interested in mindfulness and meditation I think it is a great begining. "

Meditation Mondays


Okay, so I don't know my chakra from my aura but I'm learning. For me, mediation is key to joy and stability. Though I am relatively new to the concepts of ego and stillness I think I have been meditating for years without knowing. Of course there was no form or structure to it but sitting still and resting my mind have helped me through many tough times. I believe that I reflexively mediate when I feel mad or scared. I suspect that becoming still was a part of helping me through The Man That Changed My Life. However the little day to day stuff is what seems to rock my world: Cinna did not do the dishes, hubby did not pay the bill, and I did not call grandma for her birthday. I live my life fluctuating from indescribable peace to a heightened state of anxiety. My poor hubby does not know what to do with moody girl, and I don't know what to do either.

My answer to everything 5 years ago was prayer, recently I've added meditation to that. Thank God for books and YouTube, it is a wealth of information at your finger tips. So even though I don't know what I'm doing yet I can read or listen to others who can teach me what I need to know. So if you could use a little more centering, peace or joy in your life visit LL&L on Monday's and participate in Mediation Morning. You won't regret it.

Meditation w/ Anusara Yogi Bridget Woods Kramer - omshop.com

Stupid is as Stupid Does

Sunday, March 29 |

Why can’t we all just get along?

Here we are in 2009 with a black president; you’d think that racism would be a thing of the past. Instead, Obama’s presidency seems to be stressing out many, and the stereotyping egos can no longer be silenced...

Read more on Spiritual Sunday.

Barack Obama- State of the Nation Address (Hip-Hop Interpretation)

Love Out Loud

Saturday, March 28 |

 Jennifer Hudson is a beautiful and talented singer who's endured hardships that are unthinkable. Ellen is a person who's genrousity seems to rub off on everyone she touches. So whether your love is romantic, family orienated or  an expression of gratitude towards a stranger, make sure to tell your loved ones what they mean to you. You never know how long you will have them this lifetime.

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Cartoons on Saturday


When I was a kid I use to wake up at 5am on Saturday because I couldn't wait for the cartoons to start. I loved them all: Gummy Bears, Ed Grimely, Mighty Mouse, Pac Man, Thunder Cats, Fragile Rock, Jem, Muppet Babies, Punky Brewster, A Pup Named Scooby Doo, Snorkels, and Inspector Gadget. I even love the commercials. I sang with conviction," I don't want to grow up" and I'm not sure why. Maybe I knew that I a kid's life was so care free. I did homework, a few dishes, but my main job was to enjoy my life.

Remember recess, pop rocks, hide and go seek, bike races and coloring. That was the good life. My life is good today, but sometimes a little hectic. So why not take a break from the harsh reality of mandatory overtime, CNN and the economic crisis to indulge in a little sense memory vacation. Sense memory is a powerful things; just sensing something about a certain period in your life can instantly take you back there. Yes I'm a grown up now, but I'm still a kid at heart. On LL&L Sat morning will be Cartoon Day. Who's with me? Today cartoon morning is titled Bugs Bunny Before and After. I don't like the look of a lot of videos on the new template so I will usually separate the videos and the post from now on. So follow the link Bugs Bunny Before and After and enjoy.

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Is This Racist?

Friday, March 27 |

A good friend asks to come over because he has something he wants to get off his chest. You invite him over because you can tell he’s really upset. Once he gets there he starts to vent a little and you are surprised by what he says; he’s never expressed these thoughts to you.

Watch the video bellow and pretend that this is one of your best friends.

What would you do?

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Have Fun At Work Today

Wednesday, March 25 |

Flight Attendant doing raps!!

stress at work FUN 2

Vitamin C - Smile

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LL&L's New Look


I'm a pretty simple girl so I was okay with LL&L's simple template. However after reading so many blogs with sleek designs I wanted one of my own. (Well... not my own... I did not design it... and I'm sure there are at least hundreds of blogs with the same template... but you know what I mean)

I really happy with this template; I think it's a keeper. I doesn't have everything that I was looking for but I think that it has the best overall design. Please keep in mind that I am tech challenged and anything that I can figure out how to do on my own makes me happy.

So please tell me what you think? Is this a good look, or should I keep searching?

Attachment happens due to ego

Tuesday, March 24 |

Please forgive me. I'd planned to write post today but my computer is having issues agian. This is my attempt to make peace with a possible lose, please enjoy.

Silent Meditation (Chup Sadhna)

Virus Killed My Computer


I just wanted to let everyone I have not been posting or reading blogs becuase by computer is infected. My husband has been trying to fix it for me for a few days, but it has not been successful. I think I might have we going to try to take it to the doctor, but I am very concerned that it will not make it. Right now I can't even log on, so all we can see is the starter screen with the different profiles. I had this computer for over a year and though the time as been short, we have built a bond like no other. We have laughed and cryed together and I want  to do everthing I can to say the little one, but sometimes in life you have to just let things go.

So please everyone please keep my little one on your hearts and hope that he will pull through. Now only will I miss him sorely if he leaves this world, his files have not been backed up so some post my be sacrficed as well.

Raising Our Sister With No Reservations

Saturday, March 21 |

I watched this movie after talking with my dad about my Bad Credit Blues. I was already down in the dumps because I've been focusing on some of the bad choices I've made. Now I don't know how the movie did in the box office but I really connected to it. Katherine's character was an executive chef in a high class restaurant; she lived to cook and seemed a little pissed off most of the time. In the beginning of the movie her sister dies leaving her young daughter behind. In a letter she requested that her sister take care of her daughter in the event that something happens to her. I watched with wonder a tears because I felt like I could relate.

  In order to make it easier to tell the story of my life I will give everyone made up names.  My hubby will be Ray, though he really wants me to use everyone real name. I

Ray's mother died a few years ago. I think the day she died wil be engrained in my memory forever. At the time Ray and I were boyfriend and girlfriend, and I'd just gotten off of work and gone over to his house to sleep. I'd just laid down when he called to tell me that his sister, Cinna, just came home from school and their mom wouldn't wake up. The blood rushed out of my face and I sat up trying to wake myself up to prepare for the worst. I drove to meet Ray at the house and greeted him with a hug,  trying to read him by looking into his eyes to figure out what he needed from me. He was upset, but all of his concern was for his 14 year old sister who'd just found her mother dead in bed. This came as surprise to all of us; she was, for the most part, a healthy woman in her early fifties.

It took hours for the coroner to arrive. One of my boyfrined's best friends, Al, came over as the moral support , and advisor. Al was still able to make us all smile. I wanted a chance to say good bye before they toke her away, but I thought that if I started to cry I might not stop. Ray's sister stayed in her room and watched TV; Ray asked if she wanted him to come up and she said yes, he asked if she wanted me and Al to come up to and she said "Yes" but shook her head no. Ray did not notice and insisted that we all hang out in her room, the room across from their mother's bedroom.

The people finally came; the people who would take away the body. I asked Al to close the door so Ray and his sister would not have to see their mother being carried down the stairs. We watched the Simpsons, the episode was about Homer having a heart attack and dying. I did not know if that was a good choose but we all laughed and I think honestly enjoyed that time together.

Now it's our responsibility to take care of her, the now 17 year old. I know how a better appreciation for step parents because I understand the complications of trying to raise someone who is not your child. I absolutely love her and feel, like she's my daughter but I also know that I have a responsibility to her mom. To raise her with her mother's morals and try my best to instill solid values. Today I feel that I am doing a ok job, but it's hard when you're struggling with other life issues. I know that I can never replace her mom and I don't want to. Still I think we are a pretty strong family, and that is awesome.

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Sesame Street Sings


Sneak Peak of James Blunt on Sesame Street

Norah Jones Sings "Don't Know Why" on Sesame Street

Patti LaBelle Singing The Alphabet Gospel Style!!

Sex Is Great, But There is More to Love

Friday, March 20 |

hold my hand

My husband has been my best friend for 17 years, but we have only been together for 4 1/2 years. The love that we have for each other has been a constant work in progress, but I am so grateful that it took so long. Why? I think it gave us a chance to develop a strong friendship as our foundation.

I was not a virgin when we started dating but I felt like one...

Read the entire article on Saturday Love.

Bugs Bunny Before and After


Bugs Bunny - Case Of The Missing Hare (1942)

jaadoooo animation

Funny Song About Real Sex

Thursday, March 19 |

I have a zeal for the simple things in life. Three things I love honest humility, anything music related, and people who don't take themselves too seriously(silly people). This video has it all. So please watch and tell me what you think.

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When did the Jones become the American standard for living? I think frugality gets a bad rap because of the stereotypes associated with cheap behaviors. As a college student my dad advice me to make as much money as possible; it was good advice but it was hard to do without a degree. I followed his advice by maintaining 2-3 jobs and picking up as much over time as possible. I learned to value frugality as a nice alternative to the sacrifices I made during that time. Becoming frugal can turn into a lifestyle or can be just a tool used to help get in control of your finances. I came up with a list of tips that might help you save some pennies (hopefully at a decent interest rate).

  1. Dine in like you eat out- When you're craving food from a certain restaurant go one of many copycat sites and to find the recipe. At home you can control cost and calories. Plus you can impress your friends and family. Keep healthy snacks at home and in the car so you will be less tempted to stop at the nearest fast food joint. If you're not a health nut, buy junk food in bulk; better yet learn to make to make it from scratch.

  2. Switch to online bill pay- Spend less on stamps by paying your bills online or set up automatic bill pay to avoid late charges. Make a habit of routinely balancing your checking account by comparing your online statement with your register (daily is best but at least weekly). Call to cancel payment ahead of time if you are not going to have the funds for your payments; late fees are cheaper than overage charges.

  3. Strategic shopping- Planning out your shopping list works great for grocery shopping, but use it for clothes or any miscellaneous item. Keep a notebook of your frequent purchases and write down the different prices from the places you shop most often. Compare prices, sales papers and coupons to create a shopping list. It is somewhat time consuming in the beginning but gets easier with time.

  4. Flip the switch- Of course you already know how to turn off the lights when you leave a room, but it can take some discipline. There are lots of ways to save on your energy bill: keep used appliances unplugged (cell phone chargers consume a lot of energy), switch to CFL bulbs, wash clothes in cold water and line dry when you can, close heat vents in rooms you don't use, buy heavy drapes (or put up plastic) to keep the cold air out.

  5. Consolidate car trips- Plan ahead by grouping your errands and activities together by proximity. Invest in a backpack so that if you need to pick up a few items that are just down the street, you can leave the car at home and take a walk or ride your bike.

  6. Carry your own water- Want to avoid the plastic scare, buy stainless steel containers for your family. Make sure to take them everywhere; I'd suggets using even when your at home, washing them once a day or more often as needed. It saves you money from beverage purchases, calories from sugar, and time from washing cups.

  7. DIY your latte- A lot of people heard about the latte factor. If you can afford luxuries like manicures and Star$$$s, enjoy them guilt free. Just create a budget and abide by it (ex. $100/month for hair care). Supplement your routine in between appointments or purchases by learning how to Do It Yourself.

  8. Consume less- I know it's easier said than done, but all it takes is effort: Measure out food portions according to the suggested serving size, keep a sewing kit handy or take clothes to dry cleaners for mending, organize your closet so that like items hang together ( it helps you avoid buying clothes you already have), take a shorter shower (set a timer if it helps), before you throw something away ask yourself can you repurpose it instead, ask friends for cuttings from their plants and pot them, turn off the water while you brushing your teeth and put a half a gallon water jug in the toilets tank.

  9. Free fun- frequent your local library for books and movies, play board games, look in the paper for free events for the family, visit site that list fun activities, plan pot lucks with friends instead of going out to eat, spend more time outside (go read at the park, have a snowball fight with the kids, buy a kite and have a picnic)

  10. Always take paper over plastic- to slow down spending come up with a spending plan that also includes fun money and only carry cash allotted. If you are a credit card or debit card prone, try freezing your cards in a cup of water. That will give you a little time to reconsider your desired purchase.

    If frugal living appeals to you try a few of these tips and track how much money you save in one month. If it is worth it keep it up and add some new habits. A lot of these tips not only save dough but can impact the planet. Avoid envy of other's lifestyle by writing down a list of things that you value the most. Your priorities should be reflected in your spending plan; I'll take an emergency fund over an expensive mortgage any day. Don't worrying about the Jones; who knows they just might just go green trying to keep up with you.


    You've read some of my tricks now it's your turn. Please leave a comment and share your personal money saving tips.

Shakes and Smoothies

Wednesday, March 18 |

Make your own Homemade Protein Shake.

Smoothie Recipes

Super Smoothie Recipe, Healthy Fruit Smoothy

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Honest Scrap Award

Tuesday, March 17 |

I can't believe it.

I won my first blog award, the Honest Scrap Award. To be honest, this is my first award ever. I recieved this award from Tuck of MY LIFE WITH TINNITUS, a honest, vunerable, yet entertaining blog about the journey of one man and the struggles he encounters because of tinnitus. Please check it out sometime and leave a comment or two.

You may be wondering what the Honest Scrap Award is all about, so I copied and pasted from Tuck's "The Meaning of This Award":

“This award is bestowed upon a fellow blogger whose blog’s content or design is, in the giver’s opinion, brilliant.”

I am truly honored that someone would think that of LL&L; thank you, Tuck. I've already been encouraged from your writing, through your example of persistence and the courage to write with such honest conviction.

Again, quoting from Tuck’s blog, here are the requirements of the
Honest Scrap Award:

“When accepting this auspicious award, you must write a post bragging about it, including the name of the misguided soul who thinks you deserve such acclaim, and link back to the said person so everyone knows she/he is real. Choose a minimum of seven (7) blogs that you find brilliant in content or design. Or improvise by including bloggers who have no idea who you are because you don’t have seven friends. Show the seven random victims’ names and links and leave a harassing comment informing them that they were prized with Honest Weblog. Well, there’s no prize, but they can keep the nifty icon. List at least ten (10) honest things about yourself. Then pass it on!”

10 Honest Things About LL&L

  1. I used to have a dog named Toto.

  2. For a few years, I got all "E"s on my report card.

  3. I used to play the harp, and used to play bells in a bell choir.

  4. For 10 years straight, I worked 60 to 80 hours per week.

  5. I’ve moved over 30 times in my life (I stopped counting).

  6. I once had APB put out on me when I was 18 years old.

  7. I’m scared of, and avoid, the deep end, but I love swimming underwater.

  8. I used to choreograph and perform dance routines.

  9. I've smoked weed six times in my life, but hate feeling high.

  10. When Harry Met Sally reminds me of my relationship with my husband.

     Here are the seven blogs I think deserve this award:

  1. Gabriel Gadfly: Features poetry, short fiction, and book reviews; gifted writer with a unique voice

  2. Homebody Blogger: Artists, music, movie reviews and work featured or interesting interviews

  3. Bored ... Get unbored: Funny art, quotes, movies, and music to help you get unbored

  4. Da Dominion: A sprawling geek oasis, sharp humor in a dull world

  5. Buddha of Hollywood: Zen and the art of mind blogging! Enlightens by asking you to spiritually think for yourself

  6. peacelovehappiness: An exploration of those three words; life lessons from someone who has loved and lost

  7. I Do, I See: Opinions on life; not afraid to share the good, bad and ugly side of life

I had a lot of fun with this post, and I hope you liked it, too. Please check out each of the award winners, and if you like them, let them know with a comment, a Digg, a Stumble, a Tweet, click on an ad (yes, I said it) or however you show your appreciation.

To all the blogs that I hold near and dear, I thank you too for inspiration, so please don't think I forgot about you. Blogging makes the world go 'round, so keep writing honest, sincere and entertaining content, because you'll never know the impact you have on the hearts and minds of your readers.


Love Lust and Life

Hip Hop Award Playlist

Monday, March 16 |

Tribe Called Quest- Amazon

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Nothing Can Come Between Us

Sunday, March 15 |

We are our own worst critics.mirror by Sandra Asenjo. 

I'm sure that statement applies to everyone but I know that I can mentally beat on myself. For instants I hate making the same mistakes over and over again. I act childish and get very timid when I feel really scared. I wear my heart on my sleeve where it seems to take a lot of abuse by strangers and loved ones alike. People imply that I lack maturity; I take that to mean that people don't like me for who I am and struggled to maintain self confidence. After all if the people that claim to love me only tell me what's wrong with me and insist that I change my way of thinking and being, maybe liking myself the way I am is just denial. Feeling of hopelessness and fear of the future make me want to withdraw from the world. 

One thing I have learned is that when you are tired of feeling down it is time to get encouragment from above. When I see God, the perfect majestic creator, and his love for me it's hard for me to get down on myself. God is perfect and he loves me; I should follow his example and learn to love myself unconditionally as well.

Oh how I wish it were that easy. Sometimes my mind goes on the attack with hurtful thoughts: "Of course God can love you but only because he's perfect but you don't make it easy for him", "Yeah he's full of grace but God can't be mocked. You want him to love you, yet you refuse to do the things you know are right", "It takes you a long time to learn for your mistakes or repent of your sins", "You think that just cause you know some scriptures that you can trick him into thinking you love him.", "He knows you better than you know yourself, he sees every sin that you don't acknowledge and get irritated when you pray; you don't care about how he feels you just ask him for things you want like he's Santa Claus.", " Yes God use to love you but he refuses to love you any more until you repent, and let face it, you will never change so just give up now."

Lucky for me I now know that I cannot trust these thoughts, but when I don't deal with them they break me down and I become of vulnerable to them. Here is one of many scripture that help me with this ongoing battle in my mind.

Roman 8:35-39

"Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall trouble or hardship or persecution or famine or nakedness or danger or sword? As it is written:

For you sake we face death all day long;

we are considered as sheep to be slaughtered.

No, in all things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord."

LL&L two scents:

Jesus loves me this I know but the bible also tells that God love me too. It is hard to think about the sacrifice that both God and Jesus made on the cross and remain doubtful that "he's love endures forever". When I remember the many times that God has saved my life and expressed his desire for me to be closer to Him and it erases the belief that I am alone. Though I have many weaknesses and a seemingly strong sinful nature God loves me and there is nothing that I can do to mess that up. I've seen the power God's love through my bible study and my life experiences so I should rest assured that God will take care of everything that overwhelms me. All I have to do is be honest with Him when things get hard or I feel guilty. God made me and loves me just the way I am, I must be something special.

Have you ever believed that God stopped loving you? If so what did you do about it? If not what is your secret that keeps those thoughts out all together?

Sade - Nothing Can Come Between Us


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Some of my Favorite Romantic Movies

Saturday, March 14 |

My husband sometimes gets frustrated with me because I don't have favorites. What I mean is that when he asks me "What is your favorite band?" I can't answer him because I love music so much and I can't put one band above another. I am the same way with most things, but movies are a little easier. There are certain movies that had a huge impact on me. You know the movies that you've watched dozens of times but never grow tired of them. Movies show a new perspective and I love romantic films. It is so touching to be able to watch a love story unfold right before your eyes. Here are some of my favorites.

Unconditional Love

A Beautiful Mind

As Good as it Gets

Regarding Henry

When a Man Loves a Woman

Forest Gump

LOL Love

Princess Bride


Blind Date

Knocked Up

Meet the Parents (more comedy than romance but lots of laughs)

Professional Love

Pretty Woman

True Romance

Friendship Love

When Harry Met Sally

My Best Friend's Wedding

The Wedding Singer

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

Sexy Love

Dirty Dancing

The Secretary

Pure Romance

A Walk in the Clouds


The Bridges of Madison County

The Notebook

Bread & Tulips

Jerk Falls in Love

The Lady and the Tramp

All of Me

Sound of Music



Beauty and the Beast

Love Endures

Westside Story

Fools Rush In


Life is Beautiful

Bed of Roses


Ice Castles

Far From Heaven

I know that my list will never be complete without your help, so please tell the movies that I forgot and what categories they fall into. Feel free to make corrections to my list, I won't be offended.

God is Bigger than the Boogie Man


The Intruder

Friday, March 13 |

Sliding DoorSliding Door

We were not alone...................................................................


My family moved to Texas, leaving all of our loved ones behind. It was okay because we'd visit and kept in contact through letters and phone calls, but one beautiful day my aunt moved to Texas. It was great having a family member close to us. She understood our desire to be closer to more family members so she, the gracious person she is, became pregnant with my cousin.

My aunt is a light and joy to be around. She is easy going, not judgmental, and a great sense of humor. She has this cute little laugh that is rivaled only by four year old. Ironically she does have this killer look when she gets mad that I call the," I wish you would!", stare that all good mothers posses; it will knock the wind right out of you.

I had so much fun spending the night over her place. I don't remember watching TV or playing games, just talking. Then it was lights out and I retired to the air mattress in the living room and she went to bed. It was still black outside when I was woken up by loud and strange noises. One noise was the alarm in the apartment, the other noises was a few men in uniforms at the door; they had walkies talkies that were making all kinds of noise, and they were asking my aunt questions. All of this was very confusing for a nine year old. Someone said, "Wow I can't believe your just waking up." My aunt responded by saying," Yeah I know the alarm has been going off for awhile now and she did not budge." Still groggy I shook myself awake so I could hear her recount last nights events.

While I was sleeping, a man stood on top of a stair railing and pulled himself up onto my aunts second floor balcony. He slide open the glass door and walked past the sleeping kid into my aunts bedroom. Scared and shocked at the sight of the intruder my aunt let out a shrill scream. While flashing a knife he instructed her to be quiet and she obliged. He then walked her into the bathroom and closed the bathroom. I assume he intended to rape her but she told him she was pregnant. He asked her to lift her nightgown, and looked at her belly. He then asked her where her money was and proceeded to look under her mattress, and then came into the living room and looked through her kitchen drawers, with her by his side. He walked her to her room and then left.

Upon him leaving my aunt ran into the living room and sounded the alarm. She called either the police or apartment security and it wasn't until then that I woke up. I remember looking at my aunt and my heart swelling with respect and admiration. She was scared for herself, unborn child and her niece, but instead of panicking she was calm, trusted her instincts and was now laughing at me and my narcolepsy. She taught me that you can experience a life and death threat and still smile only minutes after the incident. Because of her bravery, I never got a chance to be traumatized.

Some people in my family expressed concern with my deep sleep. They said,"What if you were in a fire? You would not be able to wake up; something terrible could happen!". I remember my aunt saying with sparklingly eyes and a pretty smile, " I think the fact that you slept through the whole thing saved both of us." Aunty I can't tell you how much your example and words have impacted my life; thank you.



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My Blog Business

Thursday, March 12 |

I am so proud to call myself a blogger. A year ago I did not even know what blogging even meant; I did not know how to use MySpace and had never even heard of Twitter. My husband wanted me to find a business that I could get passionate about. He has been suggesting for about 6 years now that I start a blog but I resisted; I get intimated by technology because of my lack of experience. My husband bought me my first computer 3 years ago; of course I used one before but just mainly to type papers for school or work, and to play Sims (my main guilty pleasure).

Finally I gave in. I think I wanted to blog because I felt lonely, not having anyone to talk to about all the random thoughts that were floating through my mind. Also I needed a place to vent and be myself, my whole self without censorship. I started blogging for me: for fun, for therapeutic reasons, for ridding my mind of the cob webs that were forming. I asked my husband to set up my blog but he assured me that I could do it myself. I felt anxious but I trusted him and I'm so happy I did; setting up the blog gave me a new found confidence in myself: my ability to make great decisions, my pretty good eye for design, and my desire for independents.

So in January I set up a Blogger blog, got an Adsense account and started blogging my little heart out. Now I know it is better to set up a good business plan first before you jump in but I have found a new passion that feeds my spirit. So I don't know what I'm doing yet but I loving every minute of it. Since I know that there are so many bloggers out there I think that I should share what I am learning. The videos bellow might help with blogging business.

Thirty Day Challenge - Pre Season Starts Tomorrow

How To Make Money From Your Blog

Google Analytics Interface Tutorial

9 Hot Tips to Increase Site Conversions

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My Sick Baby

Wednesday, March 11 |

Help- I need advice


Okay, I never claim to be the perfect wife, but I wouldn't mind feeling that way sometimes.  Today I feel very far from that target.  My husband is sick and I don't know what to do. We both have some health issues and because of that I think we get colds and flues a little more often than we should. 


 The problem, my husband is a wonderful spouse.  He want to pamper me and spoil me as much as possible.  If he thinks I feel sick he tries to anticipate all of my needs and wants.  He gets overly concerned and if it was up to him would send me to a doctor if I broke my nail.  I find myself hiding a lot of my symptoms from him so that I can focus on other things besides feeling sick.  I hate him asking me what's wrong all the time because I believe if I can just live normally I would get better faster.


My husband is on the other end of the spectrum. He's been sick for 3 days now and he that's all he wants to talk about.  He feels horrible and wants to tell me why. He wants me to rub his back. He wants me to get off the computer to sit with him. He wants me to go the store to get him some pop. He wants me to bring him a glass of water.  He wants me to go out and buy some fried chicken.  

          sick day blues

sick day blues

There is the voice inside of me that is screaming,” Get up! … You're not that sick...You won’t die if you get a glass of water yourself…  We can’t afford take out…You should never eat fried chicken because of your heart condition... ".  I haven’t said those things to him but I want to.  What I've tried to be honest by saying a nicer version: You shouldn’t talk so much about how sick you are, don't just give into your sickness you can still do some things, if you need to sleep all day that's fine but please get your own water, I'm worried about money so I don't want to stop working.


I think everybody can use pampering from time to time, sick or not.  I feel like a bad wife for sticking to my guns but I have babied my honey in the past and I feel like the more I do the more he wants. How do I express my love when I my inner voice screaming that I should not treat him better than I treat myself?  I hope this rant makes sense because I really could use some good advice.  In the past I’ve ignored what I think is important just to please my man.  Now I am trying to bring more balance to our relationship but I don't want jump to the other extreme either.  


What should I do?  Please be specific, I could use the help.

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