Awakening of the Poetic Soul

Tuesday, April 7 |

I started writing poetry in 7th grade and fell in love with it instantly. As a kid I love books so I was excited when my teacher gave out poetry assignments and I learned that I had some talent. Back then when I wrote poetry it was effortless; it was almost like being possessed by a voice that had to express itself through my writing. A lot of times after I finished writing I would read the poem out loud as if I was reading it for the first time.

I miss those days. A poem would hit me, words would pour out and I'd have to get something to write quickly on before I lost it. I did not edit my words; they came out powerful with the proper rhyme and rhythm. I was not shy to share my poems but I was not quick to share them either. I'd only share them with people who wanted to hear them. People that I thought would identify with the intention behind words. My mother is a writer to so she appreciated my poems, but she would limit me; I could only read her 2 poem at a time because a lot of my poems were dark and depressing. The best compliment she ever gave me was when she did not believe that I wrote a poem myself.

Then I went to college and I was determined to do my best. My motto became "If you have time to read you have time to study." I did not allow myself the pleasure of reading for fun. I did not realize that I was removing inspiration and creative development from my life with that rule. Soon my life became too busy to write. So when I tried to pick up the pen again the words always disappointed me and I thought I'd lost my skill. About 2 years ago I promised myself to let go of the judgment and let myself learn how to write again. I started with poems. Instead of getting my family a 5 dollar card I starting writing poems for them and giving that as gifts. Now I have to work and writing, but I found that as long as my heart connects to the subject the words come.


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The Write Girl said...

Hey LL&L,

I enjoyed the read. I think it's great that you starting writing poetry again. Like riding a bike...I am sure you are a natural.
Thank you for checking out my site. I really don't know where to begin. You are such a prolific blogger. Guess I'll follow this blog for now : )

LazyKing said...

And I liked when people said: "you didnt write this", that is so cooool.
And I think writing dark poems are easier because you get to express all the anger and bad things you kept for yourself.

Shadow said...

so, you still writing?

Being and Quirkiness said...

Nice read LLL. You do seem to have a (poetic) soul :) I wrote my first (roses are red) poem a few days ago. :D

LLnL said...

@The Write Girl- "...Like riding a bike..." I hope your write, I mean you're right. Thank you for following.

@LazyKing- I agree. Its difficult to write an uplifting poem that has depth and passion.

@Shadow- I'm starting to write now. Not as often as I should, but I need learn from and be inspired by people with real talent.

@Being and Quirkiness- Congratulations. You should share it when you're ready, I'd love to see it.

kiss my black ads said...

"possessed by a voice that had to express" I feels ya there.