Mean Kitty Proof

Friday, April 10 |

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I like to say I secreted my mean kitty into my life. It took about 3 years to convince hubby that having a cat would be good for the family? He used tell me how selfish it was to imprison of animals against their wills. He could only justify owning pets if you lived on acres of land so they could roam free. I tried to approach the pet discussion from every angle possible; I thought it was important that everyone in the family to love our pet so I was willing to wait. I was so excited when I finally heard my husband say that he was open to getting a cat. A few days later I watched The Secret DVD. I wanted to prove to myself that the law of attraction does work by secreting a kitten.

I didn’t know how exactly I would attract a cat into my life. The DVD explained that I would not have to work to obtain my focused desire. Instead the universe would hear my order and would gift opportunities that would bring my focused desire into my life. Low and behold two weeks later a friend of the family called and said that they’d took in an alley kitten that a landlord was trying to get rid of. They’d considered keeping the kitten themselves, but their three dogs were not keen on the creature. After being assured that the cat was a sweet girl who’d make a lovely addition to our family I shared the news with hubby. I was ecstatic, hubby not so much.

I toke Cinna, our sister, to see the kitten to decide if it was a keeper. The plan was to play with the cat to see if she would make a good fit for the family. If we all agreed we would pick her up later that week after we bought all the provisions. Instead I held the tiny orange tabby in my arms and fell in love. Her meows melted my heart as she climb on my shoulder. Our friend suggested that we take kitty home with us and she gave us all the food and supplies they’d bought for her. Cinna was so excited that she insisted that we give kitty a name right away. After many possible contenders we agreed on Tinkerbelle before we made it home. We surprised hubby with our new family member and like I hoped, we all love Tink. Truth is told, hubby is the most protective of Tink.

Tink has been a great addition to the family, but no one would say it’s because of a sweet disposition. Tink, now 2 years old, is not a cuddling cat. Tink has been a hunter of hands and feet, a master at shedding, a sweetie to strangers (rubbing against our guest nice hair free clothes), and gets into to anything that isn’t nailed shut. I could help but laugh and the Mean Kitty song. Even though I feel a slight jealousy for people who have pets that let them pet them, I wouldn’t trade Tink for any other kitty in the world. I love my Mean Kitty.

Are you a pet lover? Share any enduring qualities that make your pets unique?


LazyKing said...

I like pets but I dont own and never have :(
Your cat is unboring loool
PS: I'll start responding to the comment again. I thought that nobody was reading them :)

Lynnea Urania Stuart said...

My landlord posted this quote on her door:

"There's a sucker born every minute.
And all the cats in the world know where we live!"

Mikes@Your Daily Word said...

I have named my cat doogie. yes as in the usual dog's name. i'm not sure if she went through identity crisis. i love my cat so much! Thanks!

Your Daily Word

Doson said...

I like pets esp. puppies BUT I lost my puppie babie a year back & I still want my babie & nothing else