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Saturday, April 25 |

Happy Draft day everyone! To be honest I'm not sure that I would even know about the draft if it wasn't for my husband, the ultimate sports fanatic/enthusiast. I used to watch football with hubby when we were just friends and loved every minute of it, but then we got married and times have changed. I can't sit more than five minutes through a game. I blame hubby. He will listen to sports radio, participate in an online sports forum, while watching a game and talking on the phone about the awesome catch/shot/pass/block…whatever. However hubby sees it different, he thinks I pulled the old bait and switch; pretending to be The Football Girlfriend until he married me than wham, now I ask him to turn the radio down and remind him not to yell so loud as I watch soap operas in a another room.

So today, to show hubby I love him. I will watch the draft today. It really is interesting, though I've only committed 2 hours he's very happy. He is looking forward to teaching me all the in and outs of the strategy, politics and stupid moves that apparently the Detroit Lions Have already made by draft an okay quarterback, wasting their first pick. So for all the football fans out there this post is for you.


Are you a sport fan, a lover of football? How important is it to have a partner that either has the same interest as you or is willing to participate in activities you love?



Gail Alexander said...

I enjoyed your post about you and hubby. I am not a football fan. So I would be like you, off in another room doing something else. I think that it was great that you too shared his sports-fan activity though. Maybe he will share watching your favorite soap opera with you!

LLnL said...

LOL! I tried to share the Soap Opera experience but he talks over it like a commentator, cracking jokes. It's actually funny but very distracting.

LazyKing said...

I like to watch every kind of sports except golf (i think it's boring). WHat I can't do and don't understand is watching sports alone by yourself. My favorite sport changes all the time and it's most likely about the city where I live. When I was in Montreal I wouldnt miss any hockey game, at school and in Cincinnati I enjoy Football more, In France and Africa I loved soccer and basketball (i used to play that a lot). And when I was 13, 14 I was playing tennis everyday bc my best friend dad was a tennis coach (we played for free). And I played volley ball during one summer and I was in my school team at high school.
And I think it's important to do something your hubby loves and he should do something you love too.
For exemple, I dont like spending my whole day at the shopping mall but I used to do that with my ex. And she was doing stuffs that I loved.

LLnL said...

My love for sports is a little more finicky but I can relate the love of sports changing as you move. As a elementary student I appreciated basket ball because of the Houston Rockets. But my real love was ice skating and gymnastics. Then when returned to Detroit the Tigers were hot so I was into baseball. Then came the Bad Boys so I was back to baseball. I loved playing volleyball in high school (just for fun).

Then I went to college in Ohio where football was big so I learned to love the game. During that time the Lions also had a few good seasons so I could follow college and pro. The I came back to MI and feel in love with U of M football and hockey team. Then I started working like crazy and did not have time for sports and then got married to a fanatic and now I just don't know.

I'm not into shopping either but I will go with a family or friends every now and then for their enjoyment. I don't loath the experience I just don't like it that much.