I See Dead People

Friday, April 10 |

"...I have in fact see ghosts, more than a few, and more than just looked at. I feel a little more confident now with TV shows like Ghost Hunter, and my favorite Paranormal State. Yes I realize reality TV is not always what it seems. Still I'm happy to people who claim they can relate to my experiences. I use to be scared that people would assume that I'm crazy, but I have learned that you have to trust yourself and not worry what others will think of you. I can't say without a doubt that ghost exist, but... it is hard for me to dismiss the possibility. For instance when I was a kid I can remember..."

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Lynnea Urania Stuart said...

As many times as I have stated on various sites that I have in fact dealt with ghosts and released them according to my tradition, I still see posts in the same places asking if they exist.

Sigh! I suppose nobody believes a girl like me! Will they believe you?

love said...

I never think people are crazy when they see ghosts. My father for instance can kind of "sense" them. He doesn't necessarily see them all the time but he can tell they are there. He has a cousin that can speak to them and through her he actually spoke to his cousin that was murdered and his father that died when my dad was only 3. I know, sounds a little nuts to some people, but I believe strongly that they do exist. When I visited the Philippines last summer I had so many people talk to me about their ghostly experiences. I got really spooked because man, they are really descriptive! and on top of that my imagination is wild and really overactive.

Maya said...

ghosts exists only in the mind the same way the god exists.

virgo27 said...

i can't really say that i do not believe in ghosts, but i can say that i have never had an encounter. i just know that anything is possible.

LLnL said...

@Lynnea Urania Stuart- I'm so happy to hear that a lot of people have their own experiences. I wish I would have know that when I was little, but it still a source of comfort now.

@love- Thank you so much for sharing your dad's story on the blog. That was one of the coolest, creepiest things I've ever heard. I love the happy ending most of all.

@Maya- I can accept that. I know that my experience were real, but i don't know what I was experiencing. The spiritual world is a mysterious place that I think we will never understand. So I can't say that actually people come back but I can say that there is a lot more than to life than the physical and the tangible. I'm learning to be okay with not having all the answers.