Pump It Up

Wednesday, April 8 |

Spring is here and you know what that means. Yes you have to make a spring cleaning to do list but it also means you should step up your workout regime. Now that working out is hard work, I need help to stay disciplined. It is so easy to make excuses and justify a missed workout, but too many excuses can lead to discouragement later. Like everything in life is pays to have a plan. 

The author of the Homebody Blogger lends her expertise with a helpful article titled Spring is Here: Tips for Sticking To Your Workout. Here’s an excerpt:

"Ok everyone, spring is here and now it's time to get back into your exercise routine. I know, it's sunny and the breezy days have you longing to chill out on the patio of your favorite restaurant, while sipping something nice and cold, but you gotta get that workout in first. Here is a list of suggestions to help you stick to your routine..."

Pump Up the Jam


To read the entire article, please visit Wellness Wednesday. If you have any questions or want some advice please leave a comment and either virgo27 or I will address your concerns in a future post.


virgo27 said...

this is great!! i'm liking this team-up! i like the addition of the video! i'm going to continue spreading the word and the link to increase traffic and fitness questions.

LazyKing said...

haha love the song!

Josef Fight Report said...

That song brought back some crazy memories of my club days back in the 90's.

Josef Fight Report said...

By the way...nice blog.

I definitely need to take a look at this Ab Blaster video...sitting at this computer is not helping. :-)