Fun Friday-SNL

Friday, April 3 |

Leave it to SNL to make underage drinking funny. Saturday Night light goes in cycles from hilarious to watching paint dry. According to hubby, I'm asleep by 11pm most nights, it is on an upswing.

Spring Break

Under 21

So I want to ask you, when did you start drinking? Did you take your first drink legally? Were you in control or did you do things you regret? What do you think should be the worldwide drinking age?


LazyKing said...

I dont drink, YAY. I saw the damages in my family and many of my friends just drink occasionnaly like once or twice a month.
Everyone can have fun without alcohol.
SNL is funny but I cant watch the entire show. Most of the time it's boring so I wait the next day and go watch the funny part on youtube.

The worlwide drinking age should be 42 :P