Relaxation Meditation

Monday, August 31 |

It is so easy to meditate when you are staying in a cottage by yourself on vacation, but I have found it difficult to clear my mind at home. First the distractions are hard to tune out and my mind, that is use to constant stimulus, bombards me with constant thoughts. How can you focus on breathe when you are trying to figure if your mom is going to be okay, will Cinna miss home, what to get hubby for his b-day etc...

I just read an article titled Relaxation Meditation that talks about the basics of meditation. In it Buddha of Hollywood shares that while focusing on your breath in the lotus position is popular, he prefers lying on bed listening to an OM Chant.

If you interested in reading the full article you can find it on Buddha of Hollywood, which is ageat blog.

The article ends with these words

"This kind of meditation is not much of a spiritual journey but it is an essential step in preparing your mind to become that vehicle of exploration.
You may choose to stay at this level and enjoy all the health benefits of meditation.
Or you may choose to go further in your practice and step into the ocean of spirituality."

Inglourious Basterds- Amusing Bunni's Spotlight

Tuesday, August 25 |

I'm not sure but I think I've seen only gone to the theater once this summer; I'd rather wait for them to come out on DVD. However Amazing Bunni has done it again by writing another top notch review for Inglorious Basterds. This post was Fantastic! The first time I read one of her reviews I realized that there was no need to write one of my own. She is a gifted writer with an obvious passion for films. Since I no longer have the reassurance of two thumbs to inspire my movie viewing I am grateful that I can count on her trustworthy opinions.

Even if you already heard Brad Pitt's apparently authentic accent and complained that the movie was too long, I'd still think that this a review worth reading. My advice is to visit Amusing Bunni's Musings regardless; with an infectious energy she shares her passion for the arts, or humorously rants about politics. No matter what topic she touches I've always enjoy her writing style. Amazing Bunni has a jazzy disposition and a sharp wit to match that can reveal those infamous Chicago winter winds. Please make no mistake, this girl has a lot big heart and once you make contact with her, through comment or a tweet, you will have gained an instant friend.

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So what about the movie...The buzz before the release left me indifferent but with so many people going gaga I was convinced that I would, at the very least, enjoy it on DVD. Once again Amusing Bunni's review has me running to the theater...or at least driving to see Inglorious Basterds for myself.

Fight Fire With...Water?

Sunday, August 23 |

"If your honest you can admit that revenge feels good. It's only natural to want to fight those hurt others but I've always hated the phrase fight fire with fire; don't most people use water..."

This is a small excerpt taken "Fight Fire With Water". Visit 3L's blog Mental Monday to read the whole article or watch the video bellow encouraging viewers to take hold of freedom by letting go of anger and resentment.

Hurt Feelings

Saturday, August 15 |

What should you do when a loved one actions triggers hurt feelings? This is a question I've had to ask myself recently. Gambit, my husband, is an incredible man that sometime pushes my buttons. In relationships I usually focus on the positives and try to make adjustments when faced with problems, but sometimes that's not enough............Sometimes you have to share your hurt feelings or you will find yourself resenting the people you love.

When someone hurts you, you should tell them right away and forgive them when they take responsibility for their action and proclaim to make changes so that it will not happen again. Its harder to let things go when that when confronted, the person does not own up to any wrong doing but instead continues to press the same buttons. Without an apology and a promise of repentance I find myself reliving all the times when that person has hurt me; I will not be content until they apologize for each and ever offensive that they've committed against me...Yes I realize that this is the wrong way but I don't know another way to avoid being a doormat.

My marriage is one of the things I treasure the most and it motivates to be the best wife I can be. I realize that harboring old grudges will hurt me and the relationship with my husband. So to change my pattern I've decided to share what bothers me ASAP and talk until I know that I've forgiven completely. Unfortunately I'm new to this practice and I find myself still bringing up old issues in the process. Lucky Gambit has become my guinea pig, patiently enduring the trial and errors of my new communication and relationship style. Thank God for that man and for Flight of the Concords; they both keep me from getting too serious by making me laugh even when I've got...

Hurt Feelings

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What do you usually do when a loved one does something that hurts you?



Into every relationship a little rain must fall...even in animations. Teen Titans connects to my inner child and the song, "Apologize" speaks to my inner emo. Please enjoy.

Octomom Private Tour of New House

Thursday, August 13 |

3L promotes acceptance for everyone so I never had a problem with Nadya Suleman aKa OctoMom. Sure I questioned her motives and wondered about her means of supporting her children, but I believed that ultimately it was none of business. Besides, I am a lover of Reality TV, use to the concept of large families. One of my faves would have to be Jon and Kate Plus Eight. That was until the big announcement earlier this year, announcing their divorce. I took the news pretty personal.

I love fresh starts and was open to the possibility of watching Nadya and kids on their own show but the video bellow changed my mind. Maybe she was just sharing her opinion, but I wonder if the slight against Kate was just a dis for dollars. Hypocrisy, even a soft spoken soul, is ugly and useless.

Octomom is getting ready to move into a new house. The home is located in La Habra, California near where Nadya lives right now. It comes with 4 bedrooms, 2 and a half baths, a large master bedroom with a walk-in closet and a large backyard.

Why do I care about octomom? I don't know..............I generally want the best for everyone and I am a naturally curious and a little nosy. I hope that Nadya Suleman and her children thrive and prosper and that the media hype dies down long enough for lives to become normal.

A new study says that the way to fight of Alzheimer is by eating a Mediterranean diet, rich in fruits and vegetables. Again it proves that the American diet fails us all: fatty, sweet, and processed foods. Besides its so much fun to try new recipes. Watch the video below to learn more.