Don't Give Up on Your Workout- Try Again

Wednesday, April 29 |

Is working out not working out for you? Losing weight is a tough task for most people. The more you have to lose the harder it is to achieve. There are many reasons why losing weight can seem like an elusive goal. Let be honest, when we don’t see results we won’t to throw in the towel. For me weigh loss in my mid twenties was easy for me. I could have lost 5 pounds per a week just by working out 1 to 2 hours a day. Now that I have so much to lose everything seems hard and the weight comes off slow. The weeks that I step on the scale without change can sometimes lead to discouragement. I’ve learned that when you get discouraged or want to quit something you know is good for you it is because you don’t know how to fix your problem so it is time to ask for advice.

Virgo27 of Homebody Blogger is back again with a new post on Wellness Wednesday. Virgo27 is a personal trainer and has helped her clients through a number of weight loss struggles: reaching a weight loss plateau, lack of motivation, lack of interest in working out and the desire give up all together. The post titled Why Isn’t My Weight Loss Routine Working is a list of common reasons why workouts stop working. So whether you are in shape but need to take to the next level, or you are working out without much success read the article and it will help you figure what could be wrong.

Aaliyah feat. Timbaland - Try Again

Have you ever giving up on a diet or new workout routine? If so what thoughts prevented you from pushing through? What are your tips to staying motivated when you feel like skipping a workout?


Anonymous said...

thanks to my mad work i have been skipping walk and exercise.
yes but i have cut on my carb intake.
i dunno how that is gonna turn out! but i need to get rid of 10 pounds.

LazyKing said...

RIP Aaliyah

Judi :) said...

Giving up...yeah. I do it. I haven't been working out every day. But I keep trying. Don't really have tips though, hope to read others :)