Football and Ballet Workout

Wednesday, April 29 |

I can’t remember the first that I heard about football players being sent to ballet class but the image stays with me: big and stiff manly men attempting graceful movement and while looking a little insecure and out of sorts. When I was young I had a competitive spirit and fast legs. I was 50% tomboy and 50% girly girl and I loved it; that was until I’d get excluded from playing sports with my friends cause I was a girl. It did not matter that I could out race most of them, or was very strong and that made me mad. I hated that boys need to take on certain mannerism to be a true man. So when a jock can exchange his cups for tights he gets my respect.

Here are some benefits from paring of football and ballet:

• improves kinesthetic awareness and increases the range of motion in your hips
• adds fluidity to movements which helps w/evading
• ballet movement require strong ankles and knees which helps to prevent injury
• practicing plies help add lift to your jumps

Make no mistake dance is a sport in its own right and ballet is one of the toughest. It is hard on your body but it builds muscles, techniques and grace that you won’t learn from any other practice. The first video includes clips of different exercises so when you have time get outside and try them out. The second video is a workout that you can follow from start to finish.

I have to be honest, I'm a little intimidated by the football workout but I plan to try it out later this week. Which workout do you think you will enjoy more, football or ballet?


LLnL said...

How come no ones care about the ballet? Not too many football fans? Maybe I wrote a post that only appeals to me. It happens, I'm sure more often that not.