Secular Sunday- Love

Sunday, April 5 |

I love music and the way it articulates the depths of a soul's being. If my life could a be a musical I'd be so happy. When I listen to music it takes to a place of connection, of stablity, of healing, and of expression. Often when I hear songs on the radio I think of God, and my relationship with him. To me it does matter what the artist's  intention of the song is, it matter what the song pulls out of me.

I use to resent it when people would freely go to a club Saturday night and dance to all kinds of music but when Sunday morning rolled around it was off with the radio. Sunday was holly and no secular music was allowed. I like gospel music but I do not buy that it was okay to listen to a song 6 day out the week, but on the 7th day that same song  some how becomes sinful. I ridden in the car with friends before that would listen to the secular music on Sunday but when we were close to the church they would change to a gospel station so that the nice church people would not be offended. I think that it is rude to blare obscene lyrics around people that would be offended but not all secular music is obscene. In fact so much of it is spiritual.

I was so happy to find a church that allowed me to perform my choreography to any song I wanted to. Now I tell you that some songs that I think are spiritual are questionable to certain people but then there are song like Love by Musiq Soulchild that were written for God. I performed a solo routine at church and the members loved it. The original title of the song was Lord but at the urging of the studio Musiq change the title and lyrics to Love. Either way the song is beautiful and expresses the depth and complexity of any relationship, including the relationship with God.


My relationship with God has taken all kinds of twist and turns through my life but one things that never seems to change is His love for me. I know that some people believe that my beliefs are just a crutch but I'm okay with that. In my heart there is no doubt that there is a God and I'm so grateful for what he's done for me in my life. Sometimes I've felt guilty and doubted His love but he's always there telling me that he loves me just the way that I am, he's forgiven me for the mistakes that I've made and he knows that I, and is willing to help me,can achieve great success and a have a powerful/positive impact on this world.

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LazyKing said...

Great post, I'm happy to see that you too use music as a soul saver and way to connect with God.
Even religions are differents in the world, music is universal and whoever sings a beautiful song about God will touch everyone no matter your religion..
Great post 11/10.

PS: I hoped you uploaded the video of your solo performance, lol

Rebecca said...

This is a wonderful song, I am glad your church lets you use the music that touches you.