You Can Leave Your Hat On

Friday, April 24 |

I received my first music request from liselman, author of A Few Clowns Short, and I couldn't be more excited, so to speak. The video request was for the song You Can Leave Your Hat On and well… let's just say it's a little on the sexy side.

I think that I have a strange fascination with the art of stripping. Stripping put together 3 favorite fun activities: listening to good music, dancing and being sexy. Let me say that I could not imagine going up on stage and disrobing in front of a bunch of horny strangers that find it customary to stuff fist full of dollar bills in g-strings. I will admit that I have "stripped" for just the fun of it.

To read more about my adventure with stripping check my post Platonic Stripping on Freaky Friday.

Without further ado LL&L is proud to present our first video request Leave Your Hat by Joe Cocker. Please enjoy!



Come on you know you want to share. What do you think about stripping? Have you ever participated in any way? On a scale of 1-10 how enjoyable was the experience?


Unknownwriter and Almost Lover said...

the video and song were great..and a little private stripping is a good thing..:)

Don't Be a Slut said...

Unfortunately, I tried and failed to make the leap to real stripping ... and I can't even dance. On a scale of 1 to 10, I rate the experience -1,000,0005.

Thanks for leaving me such a wonderful comment today and for favoriting me on Technorati!

Really appreciate it...

LazyKing said...

I like how you see stripping: music, dance and being sexy.
My ex and I used to strip for each other o_0 and it was fun and funny.
But I wont go and pay for it, That's just creepy

LazyKing said...

PS: I loved the song, I never heard it before.
I'll come later and check out the other posts. I'm really excited for our plans and your new posts.

lisleman said...

Thanks for the post and the link.

That's a good video clip of it. Don't you just love youtube? - such a collection.

I noticed that no one in the video was wearing a hat.

Your stripping question reminded me of a long ago time when I went skinny dipping which also was referenced in a song call "my ding-a-ling".

LLnL said...

@Unknownwriter and Almost Lover- I've only heard this song a few times so I am so happy liseman requested it. I would want this to song to be forgotten, its so much fun.

@Don't Be a Slut- From what I'm told more than a few stripper can't dance. I guess a nice body trumps dance moves. Thank you so much for sharing, but I'm confused by you rating. I think # means really loved it.

@LazyKing- I can't wait to know what you are going to right about. Thank you for coming on board.

@lisleman- Yes I do love YouTube. Now that I am blogging I can consider work and an waste of time... And "my ding-a-ling". I can remember they played that song on the radio when I was six and I loved that song. I would sing that song loudly where ever I was. My mom would tell me not to sing it and I was so annoyed. It was a good song about toy or a bell. The first time I heard that song as an adult I had to apologize to my mom for my embarrassing stubbornness.

virgo27 said...

ha ha, interesting post. i dig the song and video. never stripped, but have been to a few strip clubs; always had fun, but personally it's not for me to take part. actually, come to think of it, i did strip down at the nude beach in Jamaica. come on, i was in jamaica:-)