Spring Break Meltdown

Thursday, April 23 |

Oh how I've missed blogging. I did not intend to leave to neglect LL&L but I had to take an unexpected vacation. First of all hubby and Cinna keep their computers downstairs while mine is upstairs in our bedroom. Cinna was out for Spring Break which made her a permanent fixture on the phone and on her computer. Hubby could not work downstairs because of that and so he kidnapped my computer. I cannot work with the distraction either so even though I was a bit under the weather I decided now was a good time to spring clean/rearrange furniture. We changed the position of the furniture in the living room, kitchen and moved Cinna computer upstairs to her bedroom. Later that day I rearranged our bedroom furniture by myself and got in trouble for not asking for help. My family still does not know that I am Wonder Woman.

Apparently my body did not recognize that I was WW either because the next day I felt awful. I exacerbated my sickness and now all my muscles were sore. So instead of pushing through I just spent time with Cinna, relaxed the best I could and let hubby use my computer (it's better than his). I'd planned to get back to work on Monday when Cinna returned to school but I failed miserably. Both my mom & grandmother had a b-day, we had a couple of small family crisis, and my feverish body was very fatigued so it was hard to get back into the swing of things.

Well I'm back, still not 100 % but good enough. So please bear with me as clear the cobwebs from my mind and work on making sure that LL&L lives up to the LL&L Creed. So please lavish me with compliments and tell me how much you missed me; this is only time deception is acceptable on LL&L. But if you can't bring yourself to lie just tell me some fun spring break memories or share your best cleaning tips.


LazyKing said...

haha you left us to clean the house :(
lol, now your home feels like "home" and it's great to relax and to be away from the computer.