Workout Wednesday

Wednesday, April 1 |

I am a workout queen at heart. However I've neglected myself for too many years, but no more. I'm back on the wagon and it shows; I have lost 50 lbs since June (hold the applause). I still have a way to go. Weighing in at 183lb I still have 50lbs to go. Can anybody relate? Maybe you don't need to lose weight but you need tone up, increase your endurance and strength, or just maintain your fabulous physique.

Starting next week LL&L will have Trainer's Corner once a month. The fabulous blogger/writer from Homebody Blogger is also a personal trainer/nutritionist and has agreed to share her expertise with the world. So if you have a specific question about how to strengthen your lower back or a general question like how to improve your diet you can get the answers here. Just post your questions in a comment and virgo27 can address them in a future post.

In honor of Wellness Wednesday LL&L will post a YouTube workout video on Wednesdays so that you can workout with me. If you feel a little silly, its okay, no one can see you (if you don't let them)? If you have a complete workout plan already, you can still add 5-15 minutes in a day. If you are not interested in working out just watch the video and laugh at the people, that's fine just don't let me workout alone.

SparkPeople New YOU Bootcamp: Day 1 Cardio Workout

If you have workout or diet questions forget to leave a comment. And thank you for working out with/humoring me.


virgo27 said...

i think this is great! i can't wait to get started and to see what kind of questions will be coming my way.

remember everyone, there are no dumb questions!! ask away!!

LazyKing said...

And you should post ALL your exercices and diet you were are are doing.
I have a question: "How can we work out if we are really stressed with life problems?" Because everytime I'm stressed I can't do anything else and I lose my focus while training.
Maybe you and virgo27 will write something about that.
Thank you