Spoken Word- Love Poems

Tuesday, March 10 |

The love poem. The magical gift of words that come from soft lips reasting on the soul of its hearer. Making you feel, refect and anticiptate the words and the moments when you can relate to its wonder. I use to write poems a lot, but not very many love poems. My poems were of a tired and underappreciated man, a totures soul and a forgottn girl. The dark and twisted tones seem to big bigger and more expressive than my happy poems. Still I love a good love poem, because I love love. Love is what we all want and need and have exprieneced. Love is the thing that you never get tired of, even when you feel too tired to give it back.

I found a few poems on YouTube; please let me know what you think.

papergirl : live "I love you"

"I Love My Woman" Malcolm-Jamal Warner

Tara Brenner--"Real Love Poem"

"I Want To Kiss You" Bassey Ikpi (Def Poetry)

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makeshiftspaces said...

I LOVE spoken word. This post is amazing. I am not very good at writing love poems either, yet, I haven't really been in Love

Buddha said...

I don't remember ever reading anything like this.
Boy do I feel old!
Or maybe just old fashion :)

LazyKing said...

beautiful, thanks for sharing the videos. I'm gpoing to watch few others on youtube
Who doesnt like love poems???

Anonymous said...

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