Some of my Favorite Romantic Movies

Saturday, March 14 |

My husband sometimes gets frustrated with me because I don't have favorites. What I mean is that when he asks me "What is your favorite band?" I can't answer him because I love music so much and I can't put one band above another. I am the same way with most things, but movies are a little easier. There are certain movies that had a huge impact on me. You know the movies that you've watched dozens of times but never grow tired of them. Movies show a new perspective and I love romantic films. It is so touching to be able to watch a love story unfold right before your eyes. Here are some of my favorites.

Unconditional Love

A Beautiful Mind

As Good as it Gets

Regarding Henry

When a Man Loves a Woman

Forest Gump

LOL Love

Princess Bride


Blind Date

Knocked Up

Meet the Parents (more comedy than romance but lots of laughs)

Professional Love

Pretty Woman

True Romance

Friendship Love

When Harry Met Sally

My Best Friend's Wedding

The Wedding Singer

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

Sexy Love

Dirty Dancing

The Secretary

Pure Romance

A Walk in the Clouds


The Bridges of Madison County

The Notebook

Bread & Tulips

Jerk Falls in Love

The Lady and the Tramp

All of Me

Sound of Music



Beauty and the Beast

Love Endures

Westside Story

Fools Rush In


Life is Beautiful

Bed of Roses


Ice Castles

Far From Heaven

I know that my list will never be complete without your help, so please tell the movies that I forgot and what categories they fall into. Feel free to make corrections to my list, I won't be offended.


thepianoplayersdaughter said...

I now have a set of new movies to watch. thanks.
As good as it gets is absolutely brilliant I watch it loads.
What about

Prince of Tides
The Dove
The Fisher King

Computer Informations said...

good job keep it up and i hopr for you the best in your life

i hope you like my blog too

LazyKing said...

I've seen a bunch of them. My favorites are The Notebook and Forrest Gump.

Future Mama said...

Wow what a great list! I haven't seen most of those! I LOVE Pearl Harbor, like you said, Forest Gump. Hmm, and the Lion King, and many other Disney love movies :) haha! I'm glad I have a list of movies to rent though... watch out hubby! haha

Jules said...

Hi :)

I am a bit like you that I have seen a lot of movies I've enjoyed, and listened to a lot of great songs, but If I am asked about them, I can't remember to tell anyone ! LOL

I love a great love story!!! :)

I will have to have a think on what other ones I have seen, and help you with your list :)

I am yet to see The Note Book !!

If you get a chance, and just an idea, it would be great also if you could either do a brief review on the movies in your list, or even put up a link to a review on the net about them.

I did see not long ago a very strange love movie recently, I'm not sure if it's on your list already(as I am in the comment section and can't see it atm), but it's called . The curious case Benjamin Button ;-)

Jules said...

ps... I loved Bridges of Madison County, that is one of my very fav love stories !
And I also love When a Man Loves A Woman :)
I just looked at your list, and remembered them :)
And I love anything with Meg Ryan in it, she's done quite a few love style movies :)

love said...

seriously, we'd get along cause i love all those movies!! when harry met sally and pretty woman

slowtumblinglife said...

Amelie? umm innocent love?

And thank you for your kind words on my blog..

Gina Alfani said...

Awesome post . . . we like the same kind of movies . . . some of my all time favorites are the same as some of yours:

The Wedding Singer
The Notebook
The Bridges of Madison County

You have to check these out!!

Message in a Bottle (Love Endures)
Somewhere in Time (Pure Romance - the most romantic movie ever)

LLnL said...

@thepianoplayersdaughter- I liked Prince of Tides but I tend to focus on the sad parts not the romance. I don't know the Dove, have to check that out. The Fisher King, one of my favorite movies, I think considered it but I don't remember the romance being central to the plot. I might have to watch it again.

@Computer Informations- Thank you for visiting. I will check you out.

@ LazyKing- It took me a long time to see the notebook; I did not trust all the hoopla. So glad I watched it, so sweet and dramatic.

@Future Mama- I still haven't seen Pearl Harbor. I agree about the Disney movies, they are all filled with romance.

@ Jules- The notebook is loved by so many you should really see it. I did really like Benjamin Button (I'll admit it, I sobbed during the movie).

@ love- It is hard for me to pick favorites but I have seen When Harry Meet Sally maybe twenty times. It reminds me a lot of my relationship with my hubby so it will always hold a special place in my heart.

@slowtumblinglife- Amelie, what a great movie. I've only seen it once and can't remember the details but I think your right.

@Gina Alfani- Thank you for your movie suggestions. You can't say "the most romantic movie ever" and not have me run out to Blockbuster.

Rebecca said...

My two cents:
The Notebook for sure for Love Endures!
and Casablanca for Unconditional Love

Mimi said...

I love Bridges of Madison County ... true its pure romance. And it really made me cry.

Have you watched "Pride and Prejudice"?, I also loved this movie.