Have Fun At Work Today

Wednesday, March 25 |

Flight Attendant doing raps!!

stress at work FUN 2

Vitamin C - Smile

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Me-Me King said...

These are great! I loved the Southwest Rapper - I hope I get this guy next time I fly, I can add some beat box to his rap.

Esther said...

LOVE the rapping flight attendant. Fantastic!

LazyKing said...

hahaha, my next flight will be on Southwest. This is so cooool. And I loved the joke with United Airlines, I hate them, my last flight with them was awful, wordt flight ever.

Sometimes when I'm at work I just want to throw my computer away. Working in cubicules are sooo boring. But we have a "clown" here and he always entertain us.

For the song, good message but I dont like it :(

Great post