Top Ten Reason Why I Might Be Crazy

Monday, March 9 |

"Anything taking out of context can seem insane. If a concept is new or hard for you to accept it is easy to brush it off as crazy. I know that my life has not been in the normal radar for quite some time, but I love it. After too many years of legalism and conformity I want to celebrate and share my craziness with you."

That was an excerpt from a post published on 3L's- Mental Monday.

Please don't let me be alone. Share an embarrasing story that would have others questioning your sanity. It can be a silly, scary what ever you feel comfortable with letting others see.


Café Chick said...

Actually, my father always told me I had to elope, much to my mother's chagrin ... good on you for being 'crazy' enough to do it yourself!

Beth said...

Eloping is the way to go, I think people who have a traditional wedding are crazy!

Buddha said...

The first thing I discovered on the path to enlightenment was how ignorant I was.
I guess you were looking for your sanity when you discovered how insane you were.
He, he, he!
Guess what? You are not alone! I am crazy mad and I absolutely love it!
It is pure freedom!

Gina Alfani said...

Embracing your insanity is enlightenment itself!

One important lesson I have learned in life is to be true to yourself, find out what makes you happy and DO IT . . . whether it seems crazy to someone else or not.

Besides, who made that person who may think you are crazy your judge anyway? Be free and not care . . . that is what I love about blogging . . . it is the one place you can be honest and be anonymous.

I love sad movies when I need to cry really bad . . . it gives me an excuse . . .

thepianoplayersdaughter said...

who wants to be sane!Insanity breeds contentment!!

virgo27 said...

ha ha. awesome post. thanks for sharing your craziness! before i scrolled down to the videos, i was thinkin that the perfect song was gnarls barkley's "crazy", and there it was. good pick

LLnL said...

@Café Chick- Thank you for saying that, my family did not agree: P

@Beth- I was not the girl that dreamed of her fairytale wedding, I dreamed of the wonderful marriage and family.

@Buddha- I wasn't sure how people would react to this post. I makes me want to sing "Boom, Boom, ain't it great to be crazy?" Thank you Buddha

@Gina Alfani- Thank you for sharing about the sad movies. I did not understand crying at a movie as a kid, now I cry at commercials. I love your blog by the way, you give great advice.

@thepianoplayersdaughter- I use to want to be sane; not any more, I'm much happier crazy.

@virgo27- Your like my music twin, except your the better looking one.
You writing is music to my soul. Thank you for reading and thank you for writing.

Cynthia said...

Hi there-- I eloped almost 39 years ago (July 1970) and feel so blessed in the man that I did that crazy thing with... we're thinking we'll have a 40th wedding anniversary renewal of our vows since my friend tells me "forty years is nothing to sneeze at"... as far as being "insane" I think you likely mean "crazy" or "impulsive" or "free spirited" because there is really not much to brag about as far as insanity goes... one definition is doing the same thing repeatedly and hoping for different results. If you mean you are mentally ill, it's not something to cheer about either... I am sorry to be so gloomy here, but sometimes the words that are chosen as positives can be negative triggers for anyone who is healing from the impact of living with someone with profound mental illness, or who has a mental illness themselves.

LazyKing said...

hahah, so funny. I need to do a list like that!
#7 doesnt make you crazy but #4 definietely makes you crazy, lool

LazyKing said...

#9, that's me. Especially saaad and depressing songs.

Frances said...

Eloping is actually a brilliant thing to do! I might do it myself, trying to measure how angry my folks would be and if it would be worth it.

Real Talk-Time said...

I don't see anything wrong with you except for maybe the talking to your gym shoes. LOL!!! Guess that's better than talking to yourself huh??? :)

My hubby and I may as well have eloped, we went to the church with just us and our witnesses and the pastor and didn't tell anyone until they received our invitations to our reception which we had about a month later. :)

We different people are who keep the world interesting!

Debbie said...

HEYA!I found something/someone(s)who seem just as ''quirky'' as me. I liked this blog. Sometimes I think if you're not the slightest bit insane, the reality of what is considered ''normal'' will unhinge ya right into that ''special jacket''. I did my "Twas the Night Before Christmas'' poem this year about nutters. It started like this...Twas the night before Christmas on Hysteria Lane''...
While I don't talk to my shoes, I do tend to talk to the air around me, till the whole house is filled with my frustrations. Hugs and peaces, Debbie

LLnL said...

@Cynthia- 40th, no that's nothing to sneeze at, that's inspirational. Thank you for the advice about being careful with my words. I do not want to hurt anyone feelings but I do want to take the stigma off of insanity. I have literally questioned my sanity before and if you continue to read my posts I'm sure you will too. That is not something to make light of because I've seen first heard the struggles of schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, and my own personal struggles with depression. I hope that people when not judge people with diagnosed with mental illness as too weird but can learn to appreciate the crazy in themselves and others.

@LazyKing- Yeah I was a little nervous about sharing #4 but I hoped that people would be able to look past it...Don't get me started on depressing music.

@Frances- My family was really upset with me, felt left out. If I had to do it over I would have changed some things but I would have still eloped, just giving everyone the heads up.

@Real Talk-Time- Nobody likes that I talked to my shoes, I'm glad I don't do that anymore. I don't regret eloping, I now some people do. I was never the girl that day dreamed about her wedding; I daydream about my loving marriage and wonderful family. That's what I wanted and felt it was a waste of money to try to make other people happy when this was suppose to be my day.

You know yourself better than anyone.

@Debbie- I'm so happy you visited."...While I don't talk to my shoes..." LOL. Okay, okay I get it. I won't talk to my shoes anymore. No I agree quirkiness rocks and you are a talented writer. I loved to hear more.