Introduction To Mindfulness

Monday, March 30 |

This is just a snippet from a post on Mental Monday.

"I stopped going to church about 2 years ago...I  understand that it is imporant to meditate and add awarness to your daily life.  Since I don't have a spiritual guru handy I look for ways to learn the basics.  One day I visted a blog called Country Contemplative and I came upon this presentation byJohn Kabat-Zinn. Just to warn you the video is 1 hour and 12 minute long presentation. If you are interested in mindfulness and meditation I think it is a great begining. "


love said...

you took the words out of my mouth. i went through a period like that and i somewhat am still but i'm getting to know god a little better now and its helped my life so much.

Gina Alfani said...

It is my belief that being spiritual and having a personal relationship with Jesus has nothing to do with a building. What is important is the fellowship with other believers . . . that is my philosophy. I never found a church that met my needs or where I really felt comfortable.

I'll have to check out that book :)

Have a beautiful day . . . thank you for visiting my blog!


Beth said...

Thanks so much for commenting on my blog. I have not written poetry in many years also, mine was also pretty dark, I think its a great way to release pain.

I am not very spiritual, I will have to look into that book, I probably could use some help there.

suzi said...

Thank you for visiting my blog so that I could come and visit yours. We share a commonality... i left the catholic church years ago for almost the same reasons.... I'm a follower of awareness, mediation and the works of Eckhart Tollie and many others... You piece made me smile when you got to that part of finding Echart as i know the feeling... I've been lucky enough in my life to find a guru and share the path of her light... even though we have never met its not the meeting that is important but the heart and how it journeys in awareness... Welcome to the path, it may not always be smooth but you've reached its destination where all beginnings begin. A pleasure to meet you and read your mind.... Suzi (

HarveyAvatar said...

Good afternoon :) Correct me if I'm wrong, these practices are akin to a philosophy of spirit, yet it is only through Being that we reach our finality, imo.

LazyKing said...

Your story is very inspiring! I'm happy you find the light to go back!
I can relate to your story because I stopped praying or let's say it believe in God 2 years ago when I started having difficult life problems. My problems just went from bad to worst in less than 2 years. I know I can find the light to go back to HIm because I was praying with my heart everyday before that. I was like "I dont deserve what He did to me etc.."
Thank you, your story, I'll use it to motive myself more

LLnL said...

@love- It is nice to know that someone can relate.

@Gina Alfani- I totally agree. God cannot be confided in a building,but us always within reach. I have to admit that I have fewer relationships since I left church and I miss many of my friends. However the relationship that I know have with God and
myself is very uplifting and the relationship that I still maintain are full of peace and encouragement.

@Beth- I think that poetry can be a spiritual experience, it is the expression of your soul (the good stuff is anyway).

@suzi- I love new beginnings. Even though I don't know a lot I am so happy to have a fresh start.

@HarveyAvatar- I'm very new to these concepts so I can only answer the way I understand. I beleive that life is energy that, once comes into existence does not end. What ends are all the material things that include the body and experciences. Being helps to become aware of our true selves and the energy all around. That expercinece is always in the present and always new and alive.

Thank you so much for the link. If you have any wisdom or knowledge that you want to share feel free.

@LazyKing- Thank you SOOOOO much for sharing. I personally don't think that there is anything wrong with doubting God. It is a natural for all relationships to have their ups and downs. I am glad that you are reaching out to Him.

My advice make sure you tell Him how you feel. Don't worry about being disrespectful, just get it out. When I hold in my angry it seems to affect my faith and love. The more you express to Him how you truly feel and and Him to help you to trust Him the more support and guidance you will get.

I'll pray for you too. KIT : )

Jules said...

Hi there :)

Thankyou for adding me, and leaving a message on one of my blog posts :)

I felt the same as you, having been brought up a strict Lutheran, did the whole confirmation thing..

I tried many different churches and religions over the years, and none of them have felt right for me!

I now don't go to any churches, but I do believe in the 'Universe and higher being/power', and prefer to keep to myself and practice faith in my own way :)

Great post, it does make you think about it all !
Each to their own I say, and whatever works for best for us is the way to go.

I just hate how most religions 'suck' people in, especially people when they are down and out. I don't think it is always in people's best interests in how they go about recruiting people.

I love watching Oprah and learning a lot from her shows!

I wish you all the best with your life ! :)

Rootietoot said...

I quit attending church several years ago for similar reasons. When I talked to my pastor about it, he said I shouldn't have to medicate myself to worship (I was dosing with Xanax before services). I haven't been back. Part of me thinks we need to go, my 10 yr old should be in Sunday School and all, but part of me just can't work up the (whatever) to do it.

Anonymous said...

I quit church too.I prayed like you did with tears in my eyes for a teacher and he came.That was 12 years ago.Its not easy on a spiritual path. But with a guide to help you tread the path they to have walked.Glad you found something. Hope you find your teacher in the flesh one day.
They say that when the student is ready the teacher appears as if by majic.Then you realise he is no other than th eembodiement of your inner teacher.

LLnL said...

@Rootietoot- I so happy that your pastor was so supportive. We know are selves better than others know us, but sometimes it is hard to trust ourselves. If you feel comfortable with study the bible than have your own service until you are certain that going back is the right thing for you.

@womanofwisdom- That's wonderful. I suspect that I am not ready yet, I id some time to explore and figure things out before i have someone else guiding me. I also think that i need to trust more so that I can be open and ready.