Love Vows

Saturday, February 21 |

You've stood by my side through friendship to kisses

Promises of forever by calling me Mrs

Sweep me of my feet in good times or in bad

Sharing laughter and hugs whether happy or sad

Providing for the family in sickness or in health

Fulfilling all my needs in debt or in wealth

Comforting me in your loving embrace

Faithfully you share sweet kisses I taste

I will be by your side come rain or come shine

My lover and friend forever be mine


Vinay Rai said...

I want to be your friend. You have a good soul.

LL&L said...

I'm always looking for new friends. Especially ones that have a lot of positivity.

virgo27 said...

my friend is a wedding pr consultant. she fell in love with this poem!! i heard her telling some of her clients about it:-)

LL&L said...

Are you serious. Thank you for telling me. That's so encouraging.