The Intruder

Friday, March 13 |

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We were not alone...................................................................


My family moved to Texas, leaving all of our loved ones behind. It was okay because we'd visit and kept in contact through letters and phone calls, but one beautiful day my aunt moved to Texas. It was great having a family member close to us. She understood our desire to be closer to more family members so she, the gracious person she is, became pregnant with my cousin.

My aunt is a light and joy to be around. She is easy going, not judgmental, and a great sense of humor. She has this cute little laugh that is rivaled only by four year old. Ironically she does have this killer look when she gets mad that I call the," I wish you would!", stare that all good mothers posses; it will knock the wind right out of you.

I had so much fun spending the night over her place. I don't remember watching TV or playing games, just talking. Then it was lights out and I retired to the air mattress in the living room and she went to bed. It was still black outside when I was woken up by loud and strange noises. One noise was the alarm in the apartment, the other noises was a few men in uniforms at the door; they had walkies talkies that were making all kinds of noise, and they were asking my aunt questions. All of this was very confusing for a nine year old. Someone said, "Wow I can't believe your just waking up." My aunt responded by saying," Yeah I know the alarm has been going off for awhile now and she did not budge." Still groggy I shook myself awake so I could hear her recount last nights events.

While I was sleeping, a man stood on top of a stair railing and pulled himself up onto my aunts second floor balcony. He slide open the glass door and walked past the sleeping kid into my aunts bedroom. Scared and shocked at the sight of the intruder my aunt let out a shrill scream. While flashing a knife he instructed her to be quiet and she obliged. He then walked her into the bathroom and closed the bathroom. I assume he intended to rape her but she told him she was pregnant. He asked her to lift her nightgown, and looked at her belly. He then asked her where her money was and proceeded to look under her mattress, and then came into the living room and looked through her kitchen drawers, with her by his side. He walked her to her room and then left.

Upon him leaving my aunt ran into the living room and sounded the alarm. She called either the police or apartment security and it wasn't until then that I woke up. I remember looking at my aunt and my heart swelling with respect and admiration. She was scared for herself, unborn child and her niece, but instead of panicking she was calm, trusted her instincts and was now laughing at me and my narcolepsy. She taught me that you can experience a life and death threat and still smile only minutes after the incident. Because of her bravery, I never got a chance to be traumatized.

Some people in my family expressed concern with my deep sleep. They said,"What if you were in a fire? You would not be able to wake up; something terrible could happen!". I remember my aunt saying with sparklingly eyes and a pretty smile, " I think the fact that you slept through the whole thing saved both of us." Aunty I can't tell you how much your example and words have impacted my life; thank you.


LazyKing said...

Waouh, we never know what will happen the moment we close our eyes and sleep. Thank God she was pregant otherwise something terrible would happen. And I agree her bravery and you sleeping saved you in ways you can't even imagine.
Did the police get the man?? you didnt tell!

Vinay Rai said...

I don't think you could have expressed this is any better way than you did. your aunt showed calmness in a sticky situation which not too many people show.

ChristianMommyWriter said...

Yeah...I'm wondering like Lazy King...did they find the person that broke in? I hope so. You could submit this blogpost for publication. It was really good. Thanks for the link!

Doson said...

Brave & Patience I should say.
Interesting Read & Wonderful Post.
I've never seen such wonderful person

Anonymous said...


You have just been awarded the "Honest Scrap" award. I couldn't think of a more deserving candidate.
To claim your badge and pass it on, go to
Again, Congratulations on a wonderful blog!

Jules said...

Wow, what a terrifying experience for your Aunty ! I don't know what I would have done in her shoes ?!

She was very brave and handled it all very well, all things considering !

You kids were very lucky that no harm was done to any of you also !

What a remarkable and inspiring post LLnL , you have relayed it back to us very well. It had me reading every sentence!

I am not a usually a sound sleeper, never have been, but because I am on medication now for my insomnia, I am now sleeping through the night. Last weekend when we were staying at the caravan park, apparently there was a bit of a loud argument going on with two over a yapping dog. My husband said he was surprised I didn't wake up , as they were being very vocal about !

A big Kudos goes out to to your Aunty! I bet she will never forget that night! She sounds like a really lovely lady :)

Court said...

Oh my goodness. I am so glad she is ok. That is so terrifying. I hope they find that awful man and put him under the jail. I once slept through a tornado siren (they are really, really loud) so don't worry. Maybe it was the Almighty protecting you.

Juan Pablo said...

a true experience to the limit, his aunt is a very wise person and a very brave heart, not the end of an encounter with people in life that leave us great lessons. Hope you have helped to grow.

Kisses and hugs from Chile

thepianoplayersdaughter said...

Wow that must have left a big effect on you.I think there may be more to this story?

LLnL said...

@LazyKing- No they never caught the man that we know of.

@Vinay Rai- Yes she is a warrior in my eyes. She fought back the right way.

@ChristianMommyWriter- Thank you so much. I put up a link to your blog because you are a great writer.

@Doson- Lucky for me I have a great family. Their all wonderful people, but I'm sure a lot of people feel that way about their loved ones.

@Tuck- Thank you! Thank you!- I would like to thank the academy, and of course my aunt because w/o out her this would not be possible. Thank you so much Tuck, that was sweet.

@Jules- I bet it feels good to finally sleep like that. I can relate to the insomnia. After this I become a very light sleeper.

@Court- Toronado siren? Wow! You have me beat; )

@Juan Pablo- I'm so happy that my aunt did not fight him. She did exactly what she was supposed to do. And yes it did help me grow and I think her example saved my life later on.

@thepianoplayersdaughter- Yes the effect was huge and yes I will write about how it impacts me through out my life.

love said...

That is a truly terrifying experience. You know what, to me those are the most wonderful people to be around. Your Aunt must be an amazing woman.

Gina Alfani said...

It is so cool to have someone to look up to like that . . . she sounds like an awesome person. That is very sound sleeping on your part . . . could also be that your subconscious mind was protecting you.

Thanks for sharing!