New You part 2- Creating Your Goals

Thursday, March 5 |

Want to know how I spent my New Years Eve? I stayed at home with the family and watched Vanilla Sky. Or at least I tried to; I actually started falling asleep around 11 pm. I had to fight to wake up for the countdown. I know that it is not very exciting but I actually enjoyed myself. So much so that I was up until 3 am, go figure. The first thing on my to do list was to complete my list of New Year’s Resolutions. I know, I’m a little late but I don’t stress about the timing. So what about you, have you finished you list yet. If you haven’t maybe you can follow these steps and create a list that will be a great beginning.

1) Get out a notebook or a journal that is just for your New You Goals. Follow the instructions from Part 1. If you don’t have one available just write it on a piece of paper or better yet create a folder on your computer desktop, and commit to look at and work on your goals every day.

2) Now look at you list of values. What are the top three on the list? Rewrite them on a new piece of paper and title that page Creating My Goals.

3) Take some time to think about the biggest problem you have in each area of your life and right it down. Write down your top 3 problems on the Creating Your Goals page. Now think if there was nothing holding you back what would you want to accomplish. Creating your goals may be as simple as writing the opposite of your problem. For example one of my problems is that my house is a cluttered and disorganized. My goal would be to have a clean and organized home. We will call them your Lemonade Goals.

4) On your Creating Your Goals Page you should have 6 different items. (3 values and 3 problems) Your value goals are long-term goals you want to complete within the next 5 years. We will call them Your Purpose Goals. Your Lemonade Goals you will complete them within a year. These goals are be just a rough draft but for know reword each goal into you are satisfied. It is good to start with only 6 goals so that you can remained focused on each one. As you complete each goal, go back to the appropriate list, value or problems, and replace it with a new goal.

5) Next determine how often you will work on each goal. Some goals might require daily activity but you should spend at least 15 minutes a week on each. It helps to think of one easy activity that you can do at least once a week that will help you accomplish each goal. I'd advice assigning one day of the week for each goal and write it down next to each goal and pick one day that is your fun day.

6) On your fun day you will evaluate your goals and your participation that past week. If you did not complete at least one 15 minute activity for a goal, just take some time to soul search and discover what the problem is so that you can make the appropriate adjustments. But whatever you do, don’t punish yourself for not working hard. Most importantly have fun. Do something that you love to and get plenty of rest. Having fun is a way of reenergizing yourself to get the energy you need to work hard.

My Lemonade Goals

  1. Earn $2,000/month by December 2009

  2. I want to weigh 140lbs by January 1,2010

  3. I want feel self-confident evrywhere so that I can be the real me

My Life's Purpose

  1. I will blog about all of my life experciences and my interest without worry that people will not like it. Within 2 year I will start a social network that will encourage people to do the same.

  2. I want to put into practice what I know about emotional intelligence so that I can maitian healthy and fullfilling relationships. I within 5 years I want to develop a program that will teach other how to maintain a healthy relationship with themselves, with the world around them and with their own higher power.

  3. I want to become a parent to my own children. Write now my household includes my 17 years-old sister-in-law. In my mind she is my daughter but I can't exactly treat her like that. She will go off to school soon an I want to wait a year before we try to have kids ourselves. My desire is to become a foster parent first, then work on having our own children within 3 years.

Well that completes New You part 2- Creating Goals. See you next Thursday for part 3.


virgo27 said...

great post. it never hurts to get "things" in order. it helps to have steps to follow, as sometimes people don't know where to start.

LazyKing said...

Great post! I always need everything to be done in order, work, life, relationship. I have an agend for everything. But I dont take resolutions anymore (long story)

LLnL said...

@virgo27- I figured if I need steps maybe somebody out there could use it to. There are a lot of self starters out there.

@LazyKing- I've probably had a New Years list 5 times in my life. I think that you shouldn't just make goal because of the date. However I am underachiever and I think that it is time for me to get my life in motion.