Virus Killed My Computer

Tuesday, March 24 |

I just wanted to let everyone I have not been posting or reading blogs becuase by computer is infected. My husband has been trying to fix it for me for a few days, but it has not been successful. I think I might have we going to try to take it to the doctor, but I am very concerned that it will not make it. Right now I can't even log on, so all we can see is the starter screen with the different profiles. I had this computer for over a year and though the time as been short, we have built a bond like no other. We have laughed and cryed together and I want  to do everthing I can to say the little one, but sometimes in life you have to just let things go.

So please everyone please keep my little one on your hearts and hope that he will pull through. Now only will I miss him sorely if he leaves this world, his files have not been backed up so some post my be sacrficed as well.


Rebecca said...

I do hope you can get him fixed LLnL, I can't even imagine!
Hey, has an excellent FREE anti virus program for home users.
I have used it for years and have never had a bug make it past it.
Hope to see you back soon!

LazyKing said...

sending him my prayers :( :(

LLnL said...

@Rebecca- Thank you for getting the humor. I was scared people would think I was 100% serious. Also thank you for the website; you said the magic word, free.

@LazyKing- My hubby called the computer Bessie today, I really thought she was a boy. Thank you for the prayers.

cocutzamisca said...

The only thing you can do is get a good antivirus for your computer(I can recomend the best free one)and just in case it will not fix all you have to reformat it.It is easy and don't cost you anything,leave me a message if you need assistance,I'm good on that I'm a geeky-girl,I learned from the best geeks.

Gina Alfani said...

I have been using AVG-Free for around a month . . . recommended by several friends.

My brand new computer got a nasty virus . . . I had to reformat and it still didn't get rid of it. What finally solved the problem was a Windows Update that included the Malicious Virus Remover Tool. Then I was able to download AVG-Free.

No more music downloads for me . . .