Cardio Morning

Wednesday, March 11 |

Cardio workouts/movement are a basic necessity for everybody. So whether you a in great shape or out shape, like me, let's get moving. The exercise videos bellow are short workout sessions that will help to wake you up. Choose one, or why not try all three.

Tae Bo Cardio - Warm Up

10 Minute Jump Start Cardio Workout

Cardio Dance Training VBS Episode #5 Cardio

Did you exercise? If so, did you enjoy it? I like aerobics videos, I grew up watching Jane Fonda and loved it. Now I would have to say my favorite exercise has to be dancing. I just put on some music I love and I move, throwing in some lunges and squats here and there.

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What's your favorite exercise regime?


Third World Geek said...

Oh man, this reminds me how out of shape I am. Well perhaps except my fingers. They're working nonstop everyday.

virgo27 said...

cool post!! as i've probably noted in other comments, i'm a personal trainer. it is so hard to get clients to do extra cardio outside of our sessions. i'm gonna pass this post along to all of my stubborn clients.