Is This Racist?

Friday, March 27 |

A good friend asks to come over because he has something he wants to get off his chest. You invite him over because you can tell he’s really upset. Once he gets there he starts to vent a little and you are surprised by what he says; he’s never expressed these thoughts to you.

Watch the video bellow and pretend that this is one of your best friends.

What would you do?

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kiss my black ads said...

I can't stomach that level of ignorance. This child's bases for his argument is faulty and therefore not a worthy course of debate. It could however be an interesting discussion. If I can quell my fist.

The Buddhist Conservative said...

We have a long way to go to conquer ignorance. Obviously, his brain has not quite developed but I would not take it too seriously. I am more concerned why anyone would put something like this on youtube. Someday if he grows up and wants to become a public figure, this will still be there to bit him even if he one day realized his stupidity.

The argument is not about intelligence, it is about opportunity and work ethic. Asians are not smarter than whites, blacks or any other race. Many are just taught from an early age to work harder than the entitled children of America who go to schools more concerned with their self esteem than their ability to link two sentences together in a coherent manner.

There was a time when a person like this would have been suspected of being an idiot. Technology has made it possible for him to prove it.

Great job on your new site.


Ian said...

I'm sorry, I didn't watch the video, because it seemed like I was about to enter something disturbing.

I love the concept of the red sofa. I shall come on over and sit down more often.

angelshair said...

I wouldn't say anything, there's nothing to do when an someone tries to argument scientificaly an idiocy^_^.
Unfortunatly, this happened throughout history...and by many wellknown writers and philosopher...
Nice new design! It looks very cozy!

Rebecca said...

This is why I get mad, when I hear people say that one day all the old bigot's will die off and things will be better then.
Ummmmmmm that's what they said in the 60's during the Civil Rights Movement.
Many have died off, true, true, unfortunately they made sure they passed it on to future generations.
OK, one more time, all together, "the original IQ tests were DESIGNED for middle class white Americans who were at the time raised in rural areas, and are considered pretty much worthless unless given to a middle class white Americans who live in rural areas."
Modern IQ tests show little difference between ethnic groups. And they only measure potential for learning, not intelligence.
Ethnic groups she says? why yes, because this little squirt should know that genetically there is no such thing as different races. Race exists only in the mind of a society based on skin color or eyes or hair or bone structure.
But I am preaching to the choir aren't I?

LLnL said...

@kiss my black ads- This video was hard for me to stomach the first time I watched it but I thought it would be good to just get out in the open. Thank you so much for visiting, you have a cool site.

@The Buddhist Conservative- "... more concerned with their self esteem than their ability to link two sentences together in a coherent manner..." Couldn't have said it better myself.

@ Ian- I get that. Sometimes I'm not in the mood for controversy. I'm so glad you commented anyway, thank you for that.

@angelshair- I like your approach. What can you say to someone that is not ready to listen.

@Rebecca- I knew I could count on you to articulate my frustration. Thank you so much for your words. I'm looking forward to writing with you in the future.

Buddha said...

A monkey is more intelligent than a human according to picking up bananas tests or in the way it looks at other animals in the jungle.
Something to think about :)

LazyKing said...

:( my computer is sick and I'm using my phone. I guess I'll have to come later to check the video everyone is talking about

jb said...

This guy is just a dick. He should just shut his pie hole and stop being an ignorante idiot. I guess ignorance is bliss and this guy should pull the bigot pole out of his asshole....moron that he is.


LLnL said...

@Buddha- I hate statical testing as a means to stereotype. There is some much information that is not presented with the results that prevent you from making an accurate assessment. If you need to feel superior to others you can always find the stats to prove it.

@LazyKing So happy your computer is well not. I have to get my daily fix.

@jb- : D Is it bad to take comfort in your bad to take so joy from your comment. I love to show all people grace but sometimes it feels good to say "up yours" sometimes. Thank you for keeping me balanced.

N'jaila , Ms. Rhee if you're NASTY said...

he took the video down so I'm guessing its racist.