Shakes and Smoothies

Wednesday, March 18 |

Make your own Homemade Protein Shake.

Smoothie Recipes

Super Smoothie Recipe, Healthy Fruit Smoothy

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LazyKing said...

Does this REALLY taste good?

virgo27 said...

shakes are great, quick and easy. i've tried encouraging my clients to make a quick shake in the morning. it does a body good!

love said...

oooh i really like your new page layout! i seriously haven't had a shake in months. I know, call me crazy but i've been doing that low carb diet and fruits are basically all carbs. oh how i miss them though=(

kika said...

I love shakes, and now I have new delicious recipes and....healthier!!

curiousmind said...

I love shakes! you can do anything you want with it and it is very satisfying too! I think, i'll make one right now. ;)