A Different Kind of Dance

Tuesday, March 3 |

My mom tells me that I've danced since I could stand, I guess it is just in the blood. My mom loves dancing and instilled in me the love of music. When she'd play clasical music on the piano and I'd twirl around, imagining I was a ballerina. If she played gossipal I would soulfully sway like a moderen dancer. I love to match the music with the appropiate dance. My dancing expertise did not come from dance class, it came from TV.

From Chorus Line to All That Jazz I would study those movies as if my life depended on it. Not just movies but anything that had fluid motions: gymnastics, national geographic, ice skating,and almost anything that had music. I enjoy all kinds of music and all kinds of dance.

I really enjoyed these YouTube videos bellow and hope you do too.

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lpyrbby said...

I can't view the vids right now because of my remote login but I just wanted to comment that I REALLY have a thing for Dance. Choreography.

I can just sit and watch and stare off into oblivion watching dance moves. Not that bump and grind stuff but moves that make sense with the music. Moves that seem to have a purpose.

Me-Me King said...

What wonderful videos! There's an old song that pretty much describes my power to dance - "I Got the Music in Me" - no matter the music, I find my way.

Thank you for the mention, I appreciate that!

LazyKing said...

Hey you scared me? Why?
Because I just woke up from my siesta and I was dreaming about ice-skating, lool.
Do u have the talent to read my dreams?? lol

virgo27 said...

hey, thanks for stopping by my blog today. cool post. yea, music and dance go hand and hand. great video pics, especially "sadie bellydance" and "islands in the sky".

Tonya Nash said...

I was never one that was big into dancing, but I love music. I also liked WATCHING ice skating and gymnastics. Maybe I'll take up ice skating one day...