My Daddy Don't Spank No More

Saturday, March 7 |

"...I loved spending time with my dad, watching TV with my dad, wrestling with my dad, working on cars with my dad, pretty much anything that involved my dad I loved to do, even if things I'd never do it alone (like watching Star Trek). My dad has an engaging laugh, a magical hug, impressive cognitive abilities, ambitious vision, eclectic interest, etc… He never tried to force his interest on me but just shared himself and the things he liked to do..."

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Do you spank your kids? Why or why not? Did your parents use spanking as a form of discipline and how did it impact you?


StillThinking said...

Sometimes it's worse to have the lingering guilt and disappointment hovering over you. It feels more personal. My mom once broke a hairbrush she was hitting me with it so hard, but that's not what I remember the most. What I remember the most (and with the most dread) was the near constant disapproval.

I am sure you had a better relationship with your parents than I did, but guilt and disappointment is incredibly effective. It cuts right down to the core.