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Thursday, March 12 |

I am so proud to call myself a blogger. A year ago I did not even know what blogging even meant; I did not know how to use MySpace and had never even heard of Twitter. My husband wanted me to find a business that I could get passionate about. He has been suggesting for about 6 years now that I start a blog but I resisted; I get intimated by technology because of my lack of experience. My husband bought me my first computer 3 years ago; of course I used one before but just mainly to type papers for school or work, and to play Sims (my main guilty pleasure).

Finally I gave in. I think I wanted to blog because I felt lonely, not having anyone to talk to about all the random thoughts that were floating through my mind. Also I needed a place to vent and be myself, my whole self without censorship. I started blogging for me: for fun, for therapeutic reasons, for ridding my mind of the cob webs that were forming. I asked my husband to set up my blog but he assured me that I could do it myself. I felt anxious but I trusted him and I'm so happy I did; setting up the blog gave me a new found confidence in myself: my ability to make great decisions, my pretty good eye for design, and my desire for independents.

So in January I set up a Blogger blog, got an Adsense account and started blogging my little heart out. Now I know it is better to set up a good business plan first before you jump in but I have found a new passion that feeds my spirit. So I don't know what I'm doing yet but I loving every minute of it. Since I know that there are so many bloggers out there I think that I should share what I am learning. The videos bellow might help with blogging business.

Thirty Day Challenge - Pre Season Starts Tomorrow

How To Make Money From Your Blog

Google Analytics Interface Tutorial

9 Hot Tips to Increase Site Conversions

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virgo27 said...

i'm glad you jumped on the "techy" bandwagon, and see, you're having fun!! the videos you posted are very interesting. i use analytics and it is really helpful. have you started using it yet?

Anonymous said...

More to it than meets the eye. The more you blog the more you look into how you can expand it.Much to think about. thanks

LazyKing said...

I started blogging because I was bored of everything. I neede something else, something new that I can be passionnate about. Now i'm addicted lool

I wanted to use google Analytics but I was having issues with the set up and understanding the processes.

Great post. Overall 11/10

Jules said...

Hi LLnL :)

I could have written a similar post, my reasons for getting into blogging are almost identical to yours ! ;_

Great post by the way !:)

I was previously very involved in the flickr community, bit like the blogging community, but with photos. Only too many of my photos have been taken with out my permission and it's left me feeling very disillusioned about it all , so I've decided to try my hand at blogging instead. I'm having fun so far, and hopefully I will build it and improve it more in time.

I am yet to learn about the business side of it. I have placed a few ads on mine to see what happens, just out of curiosity. I will check out your videos when I get some more time.

Thank you for sharing them! Thank you also for your comment on my recent post ! :)

Oh and I left a comment on that guy that suffers with tinnitus, his blog as well . Poor guy :(

Thanks also for letting me know about his blog, and putting my link up on yours :)


LLnL said...

@virgo27- I do use google analytics but I don't know much about it yet. It has helped me though even with the little I know.

@not the piano players daughter- your blog always surprises me. Keep up the good work.

@LazyKing- Let me know if I can help you set it up."Overall 11/10"
Thank you, your too kind: D

@Jules- I understand feeling robbed. You pictures are fabulous though. I really need to learn Flickr courtesy from you, I want to make sure i'm using it the right way. You writing is pure and honest, it hits my heart.

thepianoplayersdaughter said...

Can you explain what adsense is?

LLnL said...

@thepianoplayersdaughter- Adsense if a service that allows you to display ads, chosen by Google that matches your content, and pays you every time someone clicks on a ad. To get some really great info click on the link above "Genuine Legitimate Income..."