Can You Draw?

Tuesday, March 31 |

I have always admired people who are skilled sketch artist and painters. I have never taken an art class that I can remember, so that is a talent that I have not made attempt. Except in 5th grade, I use sit in class and draw houses and considered becoming architect. The world of blogging has awaken my desire to learn how to draw; so many bloggers draw, paint and take photography that I can't helped to be inspired on a daily basis. Since I don't plan on taking art class any time soon I thought I would just poke around on YouTube to see what I can find. So many beginners tutorials are focused on circles…………….. BORING!

Instead I'll start with anime. If you have the time why don't you give it a go?

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For all the artist out there I would love some beginner tips. How can I teach myself how to draw?


kiss my black ads said...

Do it draw, paint, anything, it's restorative. Start with doodles, don't judge, just get it out.

This Brazen Teacher said...

Manga! That tutorial uses the subject matter my students love most to learn. It's very accessible to all skill levels.

Let me suggest "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain." It's a great book- and it's full of activities to help you switch your thinking (and seeing) into "R" mode. Drawing is much less "spontaneous" then one might think. And it's ABSOLUTELY a skill that all can learn just like reading and writing. Good luck!

LLnL said...

@kiss my black ads- "...don't judge..." Great advice. i'm so use to believe that I can't draw I need to remember to have fun.

@This Brazen Teacher- I'll look that book up, it sounds interesting.