Your A Mean One

Saturday, May 2 |

You'd assume that family are the people that you know you can count on. You know "blood is thicker than water" should always hold up. Sometimes that's not the case. When you spend time with certain family members their real colors show and it can be a disappointing or even a hurtful experience.

LazyKing, author of Bored...Get Unbored, submitted a post I titled Mean Uncle George. It is a story from his life about the friction he had with one of his uncles. A compelling tale that made me ask myself do I have to love everyone in my family. What if being around the brings a lot of negativity, do I still owe them phone calls and visits or do they have to earn the right to stay in my good graces. To read this post on Saturday Love and add you thoughts or experciences.

Do you have any bad eggs in your bunch? Is there a family member that just rubs you the wrong way? Or are you the one that seems ostracized from the family?


Dayflyer said...

As the saying goes: you can't choose your family.

I think it's inevitable that there will be people among your relations that you don't get along with. The difference is that you may find yourself having to associate with them, at family get-togethers for example, whereas if there was no family tie you could just put them out of your life.

There's no reason why you can't minimise contact with unpleasant people, even relatives. You just need to stop worrying about what other family members will think. It's not worth spending more time than you need to with people you dislike, even to please someone like your mother. You'll just feel bad at the end of the day.

I get on better with some of my family than others. And I don't get on well with my mother-in-law. But we can all be civil and polite when we need to. Without discussing it we seem to have agreed 'limits' and these work - until someone tries to interfere and make the relationships different.