Losing My Virginity- part 1

Friday, May 1 |

When you become a parent you tend to look at your childhood in a different light. The rules that your parents enforced, and once hated, now become the standard in your home. The lessons that you appreciated learning on your own become a terrifying possibility that you want your children to avoid or that you will make sure they avoid. If you don't know I'm not yet a parent, but I help raise my now 17 year-old sister-in-law, Cinna. I've been caring for her since she was 14 but before than it was all about me. I don't think that I'm an overly selfish person but there are lessons that you miss when you believe that your life only impacts yourself. So I feel like I am also planning catch up in parenting, even though Cinna is on will start college soon.

I've had a lot of time to reflect on my life, my childhood and my teen years and I have grown to understand how it has impacted me. In general I'm happy about the experiences that I've had: smart, stupid, silly and scary times. They say hindsight is 20/20 and it is sometimes hard to deal with all the
should haves and what ifs. But I am little more grown up now and because of those experiences I can relate to a lot of real people who have had real struggles and made bad choices and for that I'm grateful. My story is not about romanticizing everything happened, instead it is about getting it all out in the open to forgive faults and learn from my mistakes. I actually made some choices in my life that I am really proud too so LL&L is not all doom and gloom.

LL&L is set-up so that you can go where you want and avoid areas that offend you sensibility. So if Losing My Virginity is not for you no problem, just skip it. But if you are curious, want to travel down your personal memory lane, or have concerns about your kids and sex take a look at the excerpt bellow and/or read the entire post on Freaky Friday:

"My first experience was not the way I imagined it. Now that I think about it I never got a chance to imagine what it would be like. At the time my only experience with being in love was at six years old. His name was Bruce and we were going to get married some day and for practice we played house. I like everything we did except the one time we French kissed; it was kind of gross, but I knew I'd learn to like it. Bruce was my neighbor for about 8 months but then he moved away. We were in Texas at the time and after that my love life slammed to a screeching halt. No more crushes, no more kisses.

Not until I…"


LazyKing said...

I remmber the story when you were adopting Cinna.
Have you ever think about publishing a book like a biography because I think your experiences are captivating and many people would relate to them.

Libertine said...

LL&L, This is a great peace of literature. I am so glad you popped to my blog and made yourself known to me!

LLnL said...

@LazyKing- I am interesting in writing a book but I want a chance to get my skills up. No I have not thought of a biography, but if people like my blog maybe I will. Thank you.

@Libertine- Thank you for that. I'm looking forward to visiting again.

kiss my black ads said...

I just read last night that if you share your personal story with people to help others understand and grow your words is written in the Akashic records in gold. For this one they may need to get out the platinum ink!

LLnL said...

: ) Wow! Thank you. I was wondering if anybody read. I know it is a weird and uncomfortable story but there is purpose behind it.