Stride Into Summer

Wednesday, May 20 |

There's is a new article from Trainer's Corner titled Stride Into Summer. This article gives beginner tips on how to incorporate running into a fitness program. Read the first tip to get a taste of what you will learn:

"1. Just like any exercise program, it is important to set attainable goals. Whether it’s to be able to run for 30 minutes straight or to run at least 3 days a week, set a couple of goals and stick to them...."

You will find the entire article on Wellness Wednesday and don't forget to check out the Homebody Blog for the latest music and interviews with artist.

Do you routinely run for fitness and if so how has running helped you? Are you been interested in running but too intimidated to give it a go? Do you have any questions regarding your fitness program?


virgo27 said...

that video was sooo vicious!! perfect match for the post!!

LLnL said...

Glad you liked it : D

Anonymous said...

Wow.Nice blog you have here.

virgo27 said...

i was able to get one of my friends to start running. one down, more to to!

LLnL said...

@Gigi- Thank, I'm glad you like it.

@virog27- Your good. I wonder if your clients love you are annoyed by your persuasiveness.

virgo27 said...

my clients get annoyed with me all the time, that's why they hire me, to make them do things they wouldn't do on their own. you should see some of the looks i get. it's pretty funny, bcuz at the same time they are hating me, they love it. lol, we have a love hate relationship. it's awesome!!

LLnL said...

LOL. Its a thin line after all. That's great that they love to hate. Who wants a personal trainer that is nice to you; what's the point?

I miss working with a trainer. I don't know exactly how it happens but they can make the impossible happen in a small amount of time. I tried working out friends but they are too soft and want to play and talk. Trainer's are happy and until you are shaking and close to passing out. That's what a call a good day at the gym.

I'm glad you understood my crazy typo gibberish.