Music- my kind of therapy

Tuesday, May 12 |

In my junior year of college I decided to put three of my favorite things together and make a career out of it: psychology, music and dance. I would study dance and music therapy and try to focus on family therapy and sexually abused kids. I was inspired by the big role that music has played in my own healing. I naturally gravitate towards music to help me: celebrate my victories, express my sadness, push out my anger to the surface, encourage me to forgive, remember that I can overcome any obstacle and feel brave enough to tell everyone in my life how much I love them. I wanted to learn how to do that for other people combined with the confidence that comes with controlling your body to express the feelings that words can't articulate. However I started having financial and academic trouble and have since retired that career dream.

My layman's music therapy came in handy today. I had a hard time getting started today. I worked all day yesterday preparing to blog my brains out today. You see my computers is down, I think for good and I only have limited access on the computer now, so I have to make it count. The computers I use are really slow and I have to remember my passwords, blah blah blah. That's it, I mean I feel blah with a dash of discouraged. Mother's Day was a sad one, and problems are plenty; so instead of pushing through with halfhearted effort I gave myself a mini vacation of music therapy.

One of my favorite feel good songs is My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion. That song gets me on so many levels. Celine's voice sound angelic and pierces my heart with a piece of heaven. The tone a sweet tone but the lyrics reminisce on a hardships of lose. When I going through a difficult period that I have not yet resolves I can't just jump to Shiny Happy People Holding Hands, I must first acknowledge the sadness and hear that I can get through it first... then Don't Worry Be Happy makes since to me. In my YouTube search for the Celine video I stumbled on Susan Boyle. That was chicken soup for my soul. See I guess I have rose colored glasses on because i did not understand why everyone laughed at her when she came on stage, I saw a beautiful woman, I did not know if she could sing but she had the presences that was bold and confident. Still her voice surprised me too, I loved her voice and it was a phenomenal song choice. After hearing that I had to finish with one of my favorites and now I feel like I am the Kin... Queen of the world

7) I Dream The Dream- Susan Boyle

8) My Heart Will Go On- Celine Dion

Do you ever find yourself soothing yourself with music? What is your favorite song that gets you over the emotional hump? Do you think that music therapy can only help music lovers or could there be a measurable medical impact?


LazyKing said...

great songs but like you said it's weird because they dont make a cohesive playlist.

About music therapy, all I can say is: "Music saved my life and soul"
And all the people who dont listen to music are the saddest and depressed people on earth.

PS: I saw Titanic more than 5 times, looool, and dont ask me how I did that? Just blame it on my mom and friends

Amusing Bunni said...

Music is a very important part of my life. If I couldn't play it at work, I'd go nuts!

I enjoy Hard Rock to get motivated, and Top 40 and newer stuff from varied artists...most anything but opera.

I like the new Pink CD, she is gutsy and expresses herself well.
Also I've been getting into country lately.

The Library has a wealth of cd's that you can get and try different artists you wouldn't normally buy!

Take care and I know your heart will go on ;-)

virgo27 said...

all i can say is i love music!! it's apart of my daily life. i give praise to my family; my mom, dad, aunts, uncles. they all were music lovers and it definitely rubbed off on me. now, i have rubbed off on my lil brother and my cousins. we are all music lovers.