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Friday, May 15 |

Remember the days when you had to get up and change the channel, no remotes. Thank goodness commercials were more enjoyable in those. When I do watch TV I might not change the channel but I find myself completely tuning out during the breaks, but there is a hilarious blog that has changed my mind. It's called Kiss My Black Ads and is great blog that includes world advertising."KMBA is about the selling of goods & services to diverse audiences for both marketers and creatives. This blog features work for, by & of multicultural people. The purpose of the blog is to learn, teach, as well as inspire marketers & creatives" If you like funny commercials, beautiful artwork, and sincere writing please visit. When I visit I find myself staying awhile, once you drop (in) you can't stop. So if you are into marketing, art or laughing you visit one of the links above.

So in the spirit of KMBA and Fun Friday I would like to present a few funny commercials with a hint of sex for your viewing pleasure.

1) Viagra commercial

2)Banned Commercials - Metal Detector (priceless)

3)Trojan Condom Commercial

4)outrageously funny commercials

Are there any new commercials that make you LOL? Please share.


kiss my black ads said...

This was a fun post!!! ;-)

kiss my black ads said...

You are too kind! ;-)

LazyKing said...

it's one of the viagra commercial where they said Big like 20 times.

LLnL said...

@kiss my black ads- I glad you liked it. I had not plan to right about your blog but when I started thinking about funny commercials I could not get your blog out my head. I'm not too kind I'm just honest and grateful for your blog.

@LazyKing- Speaking of blog I love Hi LZ! I will look that up, those Viagra commercials are funny.

Funny videos said...

Great funny post

Peter J. Crowley said...

Very Funny enjoy pjc

LLnL said...

@Thank you. Your site is great too. It reminds me to have more fun.

@Thank you for visiting, I'm glad you enjoyed it.