Thich Nhat Hanh- Mindful Movements

Monday, May 4 |

I was first introduced to the teachings of Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh last year. My husband rented a cottage for a week so the I could have a sabbatical that I've been talking about for over 5 years. I preparation I for my vacation I went to the library and took out lot of books and a few CDs on meditation and on mindfulness. I learned a lot from Thich Nhat Hanh; I learned that mindfulness is to be achieved in every activity. By focusing your mind on the what you are doing each moment of the day you will be aware, you enjoy your task and you are efficient. When you wash the dishes, when you cook, when you walk you should be aware. So meditation is not always sitting with crossed legs alone in quite room, but the ultimate goal is to become and maintain mindfulness through out your life. Mindfulness restore you, and you in turn restore peace to the world around you. On this video the renowned teacher of mindfulness meditation guides you through a series of gentle exercises created specifically to cultivate a joyful awareness of the body and breath.


LazyKing said...

He is talented. I didnt watch the whole video but from what i saw, I can say that I will remember his work.
cool post

kiss my black ads said...

Very nice, I'll have to come back and levitate to this later. Don't you love the positives of technology.

Do you ever check out Michael Beckwith. I'm feeling dude right now.

LLnL said...

No I don't know him, I 'll have to check him out.