Walking Workouts

Wednesday, May 13 |

Walking is one of the best and most underrated workouts out there. Now if you run marathons, play professional football or climb mountains you might not find walking enough of challenge. Still walking has so many benefits that it is good to add it to your already structured, or none existent, workout routine. Before starting a new walking routine there are a few tips you should be mindful of in order to keep you workouts safe and effective:

* Walk at least 30-60 minutes a day five or more days a week.
* Find the right pace- you can talk but breathing a little heavy.
* You can split up your workout into 10 minute session 3 times/day.
* Climbing stairs is great for the heart.
* Always warm up and cool down for 5 minutes for each walking session.
* After you warm up and cool down stretch to prevent injury.
*Avoid long strides- roll your foot from you heal to toe to increase speed.

Later to today post title The Benefits of a Walking Workout is on Wellness Wednesday.Let the Proclaimers' video inspire you to put a little pep in your step.

Do you enjoy walking for fitness or just for fun? What are some of your favorite songs to workout to? Please share tips you may have on how to make walking a fun and challenging exercise routine.


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