Star Trek Trailer (2009)

Tuesday, May 19 |

I really excited to see Star Trek now that there is convincing hype. I am far from Trekkie but I've learned to appreciate this series through my dad and later my husband. Still I was not planning on going to the theater to see this movie, I thought I'd wait for the DVD but so many people who are not fans of science fiction have raved about this movie that I'm now convinced that I need to see it for myself. So in honor of the apparently brilliant movie there are some cool Space Pictures on Talent Tuesday. That's my safe and easy way "to go where no man has gone before".

If you have already seen the movie please describe the experience in one word (no spoilers please). For all the Star Trek die hard fans proudly share your Trekkie's moment.


LazyKing said...


PS: thanks for the link

LLnL said...

Your Welcome!

Amusing Bunni said...

I know you will like it, I saw last tuesday, it was great.

I'm not a big trekkie, but with all the good buzz, I decided to give it a try...let us know how you like it

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