Written By Lee- The Subconscious Self

He'd say that boredom stalks on the outside of your mind from day in and night out. Eccentially his interpretation of "being bored", is summed up into a desire to have somthing effect the norm or common understanding of an individuals progressive subconscious lay out of the way the day will most likely go. If this is to be understood as a fact or else a simple truth for oneself then we can conclude that the orgin of "having plans" originated from desire. Is this yet another subconscious ploy to assinate boredom? Those boring days when every thing is quiet and your mind is at it's loudest and in some quantum physics machine you think your dimensional self could be having fun right now as you twiddle your thumbs. In a dauntless listless mind where Enzyte commercials can be comical and a piece of chewing gum consistency more and more resembles the character of rubber wraping endlessly around a finger...as a desire creeps from no where? Is it in these moments of "blah" that fantasy modules lift off and shoot through outerspace taking the sticky fingered person with it "WHOOPING" along, or is it just the seed for this blog...or the beginning of the most unique creation you may have ever dreamt...I think he might finish with his whiskers twitching, "Dream on."