Guided Meditation

Monday, May 18 |

Mediation is a great way to achieve clarity. Still it is easy to get caught up in complicated techniques instead of focusing on the purpose of meditation.I practice meditation to gain awareness, to increase moments of mindfulness and all the benefits that come with it. I also meditate to spend time being quiet so that my mind and spirit can relax. It is also a practice to connect spiritually to the world around me. Focusing on the technique is not true mediation; thoughts are still working overtime even though the body is still and quiet.

When I am in a quiet and peaceful environment I find meditation easy, but in my noisy and busy life I'm so easily distracted. Meditation with guided videos is a great way to cut out the distractions of life and to remember to focus on your breathe and being. The is a great way to build up your focus and then you should find that you will be able to consistently meditate on your own through out each day. To see more videos on the meaning of true meditation go to The True Meaning of Meditation or visit Mental Monday here on LL&L.

This video is a short guided meditation designed to teach the some basic key points and enable you to get in touch with your true self so that you can manifest all of your dreams and desires.

Guided Daily Mini Meditation

Do you find it easy to quiet your mind? Do you calm yourself and maintain focus through out the day through other techniques besides meditation?